(bow : bloomies handmade | outfit : target)

Somehow this baby of mine turned one month old.
It really is crazy the time warp you enter when you have a new baby.
I have loved every minute with her in our home.
Somehow it seems like she was here all along.
Grae loves her mama.  She is almost always content in my arms.
She is a great little nurser!  The only thing that upsets her tummy so far is CAFE RIO SALAD.  Exactly the same as her sisters. (And wouldn’t you know it’s my favorite meal!)
She sleeps off and on during the day, mostly in my sling.
She is starting to go 3 hour stretches in the night rather than the 1 or two she had been doing the first few weeks.
She’s put herself on a litte bedtime routine.  She’ll fall asleep around 10 and I put her in her cradle.  At 1 or 2 she wakes up and stays in my bed after that.
Sometimes I wake up to Brady, Grae, Stella and Itty all in my bed.  Those are my favorite mornings. 🙂
Grae rarely gets put down.. and I mean VERY RARELY.  So needless to say, it’s not her favorite.
She likes the car as long as it’s moving.
She’ll sit in her rock and play just long enough for me to snag a quick shower with Harlo right there re-applying her binky every few minutes.
She takes the mam brand binkies well and I am so happy about that! I hope she continues to do so.
It makes our car rides a little easier!
Getting her bum and outfit changed is not her favorite time of day. (but it is the big sister’s favorite time of day)
She has smiled a time or two but is just on the verge of getting super smiley when we talk to her.
She smiles a lot in her sleep and while she’s nursing which just makes my heart melt.
She got a little congested around 3 weeks.  I’m not sure if it was a little allergy with the wind picking up or if she caught a little cold, but thank heavens she’s doing much better now.
Her little eyes have been clogged this week and I’m sure it’s more clogged ducts.  She’ll make 3 for 3 of my babes with clogged ducts.
Getting a blog post up/photos edited has proven to be a little difficult with the little mama addict.  I’m hoping to find a new groove soon.
She has a little strawberry mark on her right ring finger.  I love it.
She is still just a teensy thing fitting into newborn clothes still.  She can pull off a 0-3 barely but there’s a lot of growing room.
She is still in newborn size diapers.
She poops a few times every day, having a total blow-out every couple of days.  My girls call it a “blow-up” and think it’s hysterical!
She takes after Harlo with a huge bladder.  She pees once and  her diaper is completely saturated.
She doesn’t care for baths, but loves her hair washed!
She also loves lotion time to get her feet and hands massaged.  Calms her right down every time.
She loves the smell of Doterra’s DigestZen.  If I put it up to her nose she stops crying immediately, no matter the problem. ha.
We are enjoying her so much!  She provides endless entertainment for the big girls and she fills my heart like nothing else.