(dresses and shoes : Old Navy | Headwraps : Forever21)

These sisters.  My heart bursts every single day for these two.

|| HARLO ||

Harlo is just blossoming right into her personality.
She has always been my more shy and reserved girl, but over the last few months I’ve really seen her break out of her shell.
She is much more outgoing as of late.  She has her own opinions and things she likes and enjoys and it’s so fun to watch that all develop.
She has become QUITE the artist.
She is always drawing or creating some work of art.
Two weeks ago she started making earrings out of paper and tape.  She would cut different shapes out, color them and then apply a piece of tape for easily wear.  No piercings needed, she advertised.
She worked her little heart out to make enough to sell at our yardsale.  I am happy to report she sold almost every last pair and made a whopping $15!! (Thank you, Nana for buying 5 pairs!)
She wanted to spend her money for the first time ever.  She begged me for two days to take her to Old Navy so she could buy something with her very own money. (We usually just put money in the piggy bank.)
When I finally took her to Old Navy, she also wanted to get something for Stella with her money.  The two dresses worn in the pictures above are what she picked out to buy. (although I helped helped a bit on Stella’s portion..)
Her little face beamed all through the store, she handed her money up to the cashier and trotted out with a bag in hand.
It’s a day I don’t ever want to forget.
My Harlo has an absolute heart of gold.
She is sweet and thoughtful and is such a delight to be around.
There’s something about her laugh that just melts your heart.  I always hear people commenting on her sweet giggle.
She is just one I never ever have to worry about.  She would never dream of doing something naughty, she is always happy to play with the younger kids and keep them happy and entertained.
If you bring a baby or toddler over my threshold, you can be 100% certain you wont have to lift a finger the entire time you’re here.  Harlo will gladly take care of everything.
The thought of having this baby so soon makes me so excited for her.
I know she’s just dying of anticipation.
We’ll also be making the move to the new house soon (fingers crossed.. we’ve run into some delays, more on that later) And Harlo asks everyday what she can help me pack.  She has packed up her entire closet pretty much, besides the hanging clothes.  On Saturday, she helped me sort and fold all of the baby clothes 0-3 to 2T and get them packed away it the appropriate places.  I thought she’d lose interest after a while, but she just kept on working.  She sat in there for over an hour checking tags, putting them in the right piles and folding.  She is a dream child and I am so grateful for her.
Since then, I’ve been finding little stacks of folded clothes around the house.  Oh my heart, I love her.
She has become much less picky about eating.  She will try new things and has broadened the things she asks for.
Getting into pajamas each night is alllllways a struggle.  She is a pokey little thing and hates to be rushed.  She is also fairly indecisive and picking out a pair of  pajams proves to be an impossible task each night.
She also hates to brush her teeth by herself and always asks for help. (Stella you can’t help even if you want to.. she must do it herself.)
Once we’re in bed, she wont ever get out of it.  If she needs anything, she’ll ask Stella to get out and come and ask me.  Haha.. the perks of being the older sister.  I’ve never known what that is like. 😉
I’ve mentioned this before, but she has really taken a liking to me this last year.  She’s never been a mama-enthusiast until now.  She likes all the things I like and we have our own little inside jokes.  She is just my best little pal.
Yesterday I heard her little feet running down the hall, then stop, and out of the blue, she calls out “Mom, I love you!” and scampers right off again.
Harlo has such an important place in our family.  I hope she always feels that and knows how valuable she is.  I hope she always has the same sweet spirit and lets it shine.  Our world could really use a girl just like her.

|| STELLA ||

Stella lacks nothing in the personality department, if you have followed us for any amount of time, you know this.
I always hear how sweet Harlo is and how funny Stella is.  Both are very true.
Stella is the life of the party – always.
From the moment she wakes up in the morning, you can feel the energy in the house shift to a lighter one.
She usually starts her day with at least 30 minutes of snuggling and humming her heart out in my bed.
I hope she never quits this.
She loves me in a way I’ve never been loved before.  She is capable of so much love.
She is loving spring!
Yesterday driving in the car she said to me, “Mom, aren’t you so happy it’s spring?”
She has gotten so good at riding her bike.  Every time we pull into the driveway, she asks if she can ride for a bit.
She has been asking for a few days to take her training wheels off but I’m not quite sure she knows what that means.
Regardless, I think it’s only a matter of time.  And I’m almost certain she’ll be ready before Harlo (who doesn’t have much interest in bike riding..)
She has been a pistol this couple of weeks.
She marches to the beat of her own drum always, but lately that little mind of her own has me turning grey.
She’ll disobey and when she gets in trouble she gives you the poutiest pout and tells me, “You hut my feewings”.
It’s impossible.
I think she might be sensing a change coming up with the new baby and my heart hurts for her.
I pray every night the transition will go easy on her.  Please, please, please let it be easy on her.
My sweet little mamas girl.
She is very excited about being a big sister though.  She has been asking DAILY for over a month if today is the day the baby will be here.
Each day she recites, first was your birthday, then the baby’s birthday, then daddy’s birthday, then my birthday… it’s her own little mantra.
At church on Sunday, she leaned over and whispered to me, “the baby is going to be here on her birthday, right?” Like she was suddenly concerned that if the baby stayed in any longer she might actually miss her birthday.  Ha!
Anytime she’s been naughty she tells me it’s because someone (Grammy, Harlo, Nana, Itty..) gave her too much sugar.  Great excuse. 😉
She goes in and out of needing naps.  She’s tired and miserable by 5ish if she hasn’t had one, but she wont be able to sleep until past 11 if she does.  It’s a rough spot.
She been in primary now for a few months and is LOVING it.  She feels so big.  On Sunday after church she sadly broke the news to me, “Mom… Jesus died.” And then she told me something about how “Lucifuh is naughty” but I’m not quite sure how that tied together in her head.
She has become more particular about what clothes she wears and how her hair is done.
Her favorite hair styles right now are Ana braidy’s (two braids) or Elsa braidy’s (1 long braid).  And she gets rather defensive if Daddy accidentally calls her Ana braidys Elsa braidys or vise versa.
She has been getting in my bed again most nights.  She just does it on again off again for about a month’s time.
Things are about to get interesting with a newborn also in my room, waking up to feed in the night, but surely we’ll figure it out.
I love this little girl more than words can say.
Even on her worst days, I’m so lucky she’s mine.