I’ve gotten behind on my weekly bump posts.  I wasn’t going to let another week go by.
I had my midwife’s appointment this week.  Baby is good and head down.
At my next appointment I’ll be ordering my home birth kit and starting my 5 week formula.
I couldn’t find any great info on the 5 week formula, but basically it’s a bunch of herbs taken the 5 weeks before delivery and 1 week after.  I took it at the end of my pregnancy with Stella and found such a difference!  I had such an abundance of milk when it came in, I felt so great after delivery, my labor was fast and relatively easy, I only bled for a week or two after delivery.. the list goes on.  I am really looking forward to taking it again.  I recommend it to everyone preparing for any kind of delivery.
I mentioned before we have started getting the nursery put together.  The girls are so excited about it.  They tell everyone we see how they need to come over to our house to see the “surprise” in our office. 🙂
I have started getting braxton-hicks contractions all the time, all day long.  I did with my other girls and this one looks like it will be the same.
I get them if I walk for any amount of time, especially if I’m pushing a cart or stroller.  I get them if my bladder is full, anytime I get up out of a chair or bed, if I have to bend over to pick something up.  Sometimes they’re uncomfortable, but mostly they’re just annoying.
I have also been super emotional these last few weeks.  Any sweet sentiment can send me into a fit of tears.
Yesterday morning the girls were dancing to Katy Perry in my bathroom while I was getting my make-up on and I had to keep wiping tears away from my eyes as I watched them dance and sing and giggle with one another.  Sometimes my hormones get the best of me at night and I’ll think of Stella and send myself into a sob-fest of how things are going to be changing.  Brady is sweet to be so patient and loving with me.  I’m sure I look like a complete lunatic to someone who has never felt these same feelings before.
I am carrying this baby a lot higher than I did my others.  I get heartburn every once in a while, which I never have had before in my life.
She definitely feels higher up and is squishing my lungs.  I get out of breath from even having a conversation.
It’s also uncomfortable to eat sometimes because she’s so far up under my ribs and is putting pressure on my stomach so with each bite I feel like I’m going to puke it right up.
That doesn’t keep me from being starving all the time, though.
I’m definitely going through a sweet-tooth phase right now.  Preferably anything chocolate and minty.. Junior mints being the real winner.
I have gained 30 lbs so far which is more than I gained with either of my other pregnancies.  I’m not worried about it though, I’m just thankful to be feeling good and healthy.
Baby girl is running out of room in there.  It’s always around this time that I can’t imagine getting anymore “full”.  Her head is down and I always feel her little elbows by my left hip, with her bum and legs up near my right ribs.
We love when she sticks something out that we can easily tell what it is, her knee or a foot or a bum.
She is definitely a wiggle-worm in there.
She’s starting to keep me up a bit in the night if she’s moving or gets the hiccups, which is often.
I have been bitten with full-on nesting fever all of the sudden.  It’s about time, too.
I constantly want to shop for her, or make something new for her, or I’m looking at pictures of nurseries, etc.  We’re hoping to get her room painted this weekend and that will be nice. 🙂
I still need to order her bedding, but I’m waiting for the bed skirt to get back in stock.
We ordered her car seat, finally! We ended up going with the Britax B-safe in granite, but it looks like they’ve discontinued that color so it was a little trickier to find than it was a month or two ago when I was originally looking.  Leave it to Mr. Miller though to find what I need online.  I hope I like it!
I also opted NOT to go with a travel system this time.  I hope I don’t regret that decision later, but I am really trying to focus on wearing this baby as much as possible.  I found some good info on baby wearing here and here if you want to check it out.
We’ll be working on a few home projects over the next few weeks to prepare for our new babe and our home birth.  I am struggling with the motivation aspect, but hopefully Brady can lead the way and we can get the things done we are hoping for.  😀
Clothes have become my quick nemesis.  If I am home, I am most definitely in my pajamas.
If I have to get out of my pajamas, it better be for a dang good reason.
I think we can all feel this little lady getting closer and closer.  There is a magical anticipation feeling our home.  I’m trying to enjoy every moment of preparing for this baby with my sweet family.
I am hoping I don’t get too miserable in the last few weeks of waiting and I can continue to enjoy this time.
Only 6 more weeks, friends! Can you believe it??