This week has been a whirlwind.  Some big things are going on for our family and it’s taking more time and mental capacity than I anticipated.  It’s all good things and I hope to be sharing good news soon!  With that and now weekly midwife appointments and all the preparation with the baby, I might be posting a bit less but keep up with me on instagram if the blog is quiet and be patient with me as I navigate this chapter of my life. 🙂

It is my birthday week! Tomorrow is the big day.  I have been out trying to find me a traditional birthday outfit this week, but being 8 months pregnant has really put a damper on that.  I might actually have to wear my “birthday suit” but I hope for everyone else’s sake that is NOT the case. 🙂

I am super full of baby at this point.
Every square inch of my mid-section is being used up.
I am still feeling quite comfortable though, besides the occasional foot shoved firmly into my ribs.
I have had a major sweet tooth pass through.  Anything chocolate and coconut or mint I am all about.
I have a super limited wardrobe right now.  Getting dressed is my least favorite part of the pregnancy at this point.
I have started to get swollen feet if I’m up and around too much.  I never got swollen with my other girls so this is a first.
I would definitely take a nap every day if I could, and the majority of the days I do.
My energy level is just seriously dwindling by the minute.  Hence the lack of posting so much.  It takes everything out of me just to regularly function during the day without the added errands and obligations.
Stella has been climbing into my bed every night and then tells me in the morning, “I couldn’t sleep all night because the baby was kicking and kicking me!” If she only knew how I felt. 😉
I can still get comfortable at night, thanks to my pregnancy pillow, but it’s hard to stay asleep through all the wiggles and readjusting and hiccuping going on inside.
Since day one, the girls have asked when the baby would be here and we’ve had lots of milestones to look forward to, “first Halloween, then Thanksgiving and Christmas, then New year, then Valentines Day, then Mommy’s birthday, THEN she will be here after that.” Now that my birthday is tomorrow the girls think the baby will also be here about the next day.  We’re down to the final stretch and I have a feeling this will be the hardest part to wait for, for them and for me!
I’ve been trying to prep them for the birth, Harlo says she doesn’t want to be here and Stella says she does.  Then they get off track on tangents about what they want to do that day instead and it ends in a gigantic adventure like “maybe we can go to nana’s, then go to the park, then go to old navy, then maybe go to lunch and to swig, then play some games and then when the baby is here we can come pick her up and eat dinner at nana’s.”  It’s impossible to keep them on the subject.  I really have no idea how the whole birth is going to play out, but I’m just going to play it by ear and see what they want to do when the time comes.  Hopefully this lady comes in the middle of the night and I wont even have to worry about it. 🙂
I am such a sap, but i’m so overwhelmed with the goodness my life is filled with right now.
Last night Stella couldn’t sleep so I let her lay in bed with me for an hour past bedtime and we just chatted and snuggled for a while and then I sat her on top of my belly and smooched her face as I carried her to bed.  It made me think of last year when I lost that baby and ached for this very season of life.  When I would have a big huge belly for my girls to love on and a delivery fast approaching with all the promise and excitement that time brings, and now I have just that.  It was so hard at that time to feel like that had been taken away from me, but here I am now with everything I had hoped and prayed for last year.  It’s amazing how much a year can change things.
I don’t remember a time ever feeling more humbled or grateful than I have during this pregnancy.
This is a wonderful season for us.  God is so good.