It has been a LOOOOONG week over here at the Miller Manor.  We are on the tail-end (fingers crossed!) of the flu passing around our home.

I started getting sick last Friday and by Sunday I could barely stand up.  I took a turn for the better on Monday, which is right when Stella came down with it and by Tuesday, Harlo was well on her way.  We have been surviving on essential oils and prayers to get us through the week.  When I haven’t been tending to myself, I have had two little sicklings glued to my body every minute of the day so I haven’t had a lot of posting time this week.

By today, I am feeling rather defeated.  I haven’t slept a full night in I don’t even know how long.  I half sleep listening for coughing or to check my fevering babies, or having a cough attack myself.  I’ve been out of the house once (this morning) since last Friday, we have watched more hours of movies than I care to admit and eaten less than a day’s worth of food this entire week between the three of us.

I am so ready to feel normal again.  I am ready to have the girls running around the house playing make believe or wanting to play outside.  I am ready for us all to get a good night’s rest.  I am ready to smooch my husband again without worrying about passing germs.  I am ready to get out of the house without a care.  I am ready to get our nursery up and just focus on the new baby stuff that needs to be done.  I am so very ready for this sick season to end.

We could really use some prayers of health and happiness to fill this home of ours this week if you have any to spare!

Until then, we’ll be desperately waiting for February – where everything is better.
And doing a lot of this:
(more of these pics next week)

xoxo – C