Yesterday was a good one.

It was one of those days that you feel like you’ve got things under control, ya know?  Those days don’t come so often around here.

Stella and I spent our entire morning at the grocery store buying ingredients for meals for our family for a full 3 weeks.  We chatted all the way, while I would hand her each item and she would place it in the back of our cart.  If I skipped her over and placed something in the cart directly, I would be hearing about it for the next few aisles.

The highlight of her shopping experience was picking out new tooth brushes for Harlo and herself.  She chose Belle for her and Cinderella for Harlo.  She couldn’t wait to give it to Harlo.  She wouldn’t even let us put them in the bag at checkout.

We got finished just in time to pick Harlo back up from preschool and grab a quick lunch with Dad at Coyote… it’s become a family favorite.  Endless amounts of beans for the girls and the best tacos in town for the mama.

We spent the afternoon cleaning and organizing the kitchen, pantry and fridge with lots of Katy Perry and lots of dancing.

I’m just going to go ahead and put it out there that you have never lived until you have had a kitchen dance party with Stella.

After dinner we went to pick up the very first item we’ve purchased for our new little one.  Here it is, folks!….

A $10 jenny lind changing table.  I’m so stoked about it.  As you can see, so are the girls.  They’ve insisted we keep it in our kitchen for a while.  Awesome.

I’m finding the longer I’m a mother, and maybe even the older I get, these kinds of very uneventful days are my favorite.  I spent the entire day serving my family in one way or another and by the time I was laying between my two sleeping girls, my heart was so full.

Today I think we’ll spend the day at home playing house with the new changing table and eating delicious snacks from our new grocery loot.  I hope you have the very kind of Tuesday you want to have, too!