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 Now for the maternity jean review! Duh, duh, duh-duh! They are pretty great.  They are almost as comfortable as leggings and you would never ever guess they were maternity jeans from the looks of them.  They’re not all baggy in the thigh/crotch area like most maternity jeans (seriously maternity jean makers.. we’re pregnant in our bellies! The rest of us stays relatively normal looking.) And for my tall gals, they are LONG.  I usually wear these cuffed, but today I let them bunch at the ends a bit.  They are the full jersey panel belly which I prefer.  I know some don’t, but I hate that thick, tight band on the “low rise” maternity jeans.  I don’t know who those work for, but definitely not me. 😀


I have had two full weeks of no nausea!  Hooray!!!! That’s the longest stretch yet.
I got a migrain this week but they are now coming very few and far between.
I feel like my belly has suddenly gotten so full.
I’m starting to get a little awkward with my movements and forget a lot I have this belly when I try to roll or bend over to pick something up.
The baby girl is getting so strong and wiggly.  You can easily feel her little jabs from the outside now and not just as faint little wiggles.
In the mornings, you can tell exactly where she’s laying in my belly.  The girls love to come in and check her out and feel her move when I roll over.
She has officially found the bottom of my ribs and will nudge at then here and there.
I hope she’s not as interested in them as her sister Stella who planted herself under my right rib for the majority of my pregnancy.  It still sticks out.
No new stretch marks yet, but my previous ones have gotten a little color to them.
My bra has become my worst enemy.  In my first trimester I swore it made me more nauseous, now it feels like it’s suffocating me every second.  Never remember this being a problem with my last pregnancies.
My hips get suuuuuper stiff at night if I lay in one place too long.
Getting up to pee in the night is the worst thing ever! I can NEVER get back to sleep.
My fingers get a little swollen toward the end of the day.  Having a hard time keeping my 3 wedding bands on comfortably anymore.
Stella has decided she wants to name our baby “Jesus Christ” and “Amen” for a middle name. Ha! Harlo tells her we can’t name our baby Jesus Christ… because that’s a boy’s name! (like that’s the only problem) But Stella doesn’t seem to mind, and insists her baby sister be named Jesus Christ Amen Miller
This naming business might be harder than I originally anticipated. 😉
I have actually gotten started on her room (at least the furniture gathering).
I have a crib, changing table and a cradle!
I have narrowed the carseats down to my top 3 contenders.  It’s what I’ve chosen to obsess hysterically over this week.  Two are Graco which I had with my first two babes with no complaints, the other is Britax which I have no experience with.. anyone have a Britax infant seat and love/hate it?
I’m still torn on whether or not I need a stroller/carseat combo for the 3rd.  I plan on wearing her as my priority, and if I need a stroller an umbrella stroller will suffice when she’s just a bit older… I just don’t know about that grey area in between.
I’m feeling actually pretty great these days.  This is my favorite part of pregnancy… besides the delivery. 😉
I’ve been trying to catch up with the poor friends I’ve neglected the last few months.  I’ve just been too sick to do anything other than the immediate necessities.
I have been thinking (obsessing) over my birth plan.  I’ll be sharing more info on that next week!