Dear B,

Today is the day! I am missing you.  I’m so glad you’ll be home soon!  I am counting down the minutes.

I think this is the longest you’ve been away from us.  I was dreading this trip the whole week before you left, but I think we’ve actually done okay.  Along with the garbage-pulling-in, I also killed a spider in our bathroom which means I’ve earned a decade or so of no more man jobs… wouldn’t you agree?  The girls were super impressed by my spider killing skills, though.  I think Stelly told me “good job, mom!” at least six times.

Yesterday we had play date at our house.  I have been trying to plan things for the girls to look forward to so they didn’t miss you too much.  I needed to go to the grocery store before our friends came so I could make lunch, but I barely made it to the shower by 9:15 and all our friends were due to be here at 10.  I quickly decided that pizza would be in order.   By 11:00 our house was filled with 8 kids 4 and under, and 4 chatty moms – 3 of which are pregnant.  It was a blast.

By 1:30 as the last of the kids were heading home for nap time, I wondered honestly how my eyes were still open – the nights without you are taking their toll on me, love.  I went to lay down for a bit and dozed between the girls asking me every 5 minutes if I was done resting or if I could get them this or that.  A little bit later, I heard Stella sucking away with her boo and knew she was ready for a nap, too.  She came in and layed by me for less than 10 seconds before she was totally out.  By that time though, Harlo was over me resting so I got up to play with her.  As soon as I stood up, I felt a migraine coming on, dang it! I immediately felt home sick for you.

I was sick the rest of the night.  Nana took the girls to the park for a bit and they came home with a bag of treasures – thank goodness – that kept them busy for the better art of the evening.  They really are such good little girls.  They didn’t give me an ounce of grief while I wasn’t feeling well.  By 8pm, my headache was mellowing out, but I was sooo hungry and sooo nauseous.  I was worried I’d be throwing up all night if I ate, but a Kneaders salad sounded so good to me, so I loaded the girls up hoping they’d still be open.. they were!  I had to eat just a bite or two at a time and lay down in between.  I was seriously praying I would be able to keep my dinner down, the girls were praying for me too.  Our prayers were answered and I was able to eat most of my salad and keep it down!  In pregnancy, it really is the little things, ya know? It made me think of how tough you’ve been to see me through each and every pregnancy. It is no walk in the park for either of us, that’s for sure.  We got to bed a little later than normal, but that was okay.  Stella tossed and turned most of the night, which meant I tossed and turned most of the night as well. It was cozy in our bed with the 4 of us (me, the girls, and itty) but I still missed you every minute of the night. I hoped you were sleeping better than I was.

Harlo woke up early this morning, but I didn’t mind. Today is the day! I’m so glad you’ll be home. We ate porridge and I tidied up the kitchen and did our dishes. I put a fall scent in the warmer so it feels extra welcoming when you walk in. I hope you like it! Harlo cried for you this morning when we were getting ready for preschool. I told her you would be home today and that we could look forward to that all day. That seemed to calm her down. Stella wore her fancy “cheeto” (cheetah) pants in honor of the welcoming occasion.

We are so ready for you, daddy! I can’t wait to smooch your sweet face.

Drive safe!

Xoxo, C