Early pregnancy for me is not the most glamorous time in my life.

For the last, oh… six weeks I haven’t really left my house other than to drop  Harlo off at school and pick her back up.  Maybe snagging lunch with Mr. Miller that I go home and try earnestly to keep down.  I lounge a lot, and don’t clean very much.  On my best, best, best days I put together an easy dinner for my family.  I think the hardest part about being pregnant for me is not even the being sick part, it’s just not feeling up to doing my normal daily things.  I know this time will pass though, I’ve had glimpses of my normal life scattered throughout the last couple weeks.  I’ll get back there soon, I just need to be patient with myself and patient with my body.

Last friday after school, I took the girls to get ice cream cones.  We brought them home and ate them on the porch.  It was a beautiful day and we had talks and giggles a plenty while we sat under our porch covering while it sprinkled onto our toes.  My girls are the best.  When I get down on myself for feeling like I”m not a fun mom, they’re there just loving me all the while.  With an ice cream in hand, they still think I’m the funnest mom around.