Ever since my Stelly was just a wee little babe, she has sucked on her two fingers, touched her boo to her nose, snuggled up right into my face and hummed.  This is her epitome of comfort.

It started as I would rock her to sleep.  I’d sit back in our chair, arrange her boo just so and she’d bury her little head into my neck and start to hum; hmmmmm, inhale, hmmmmm, inhale, hmmmm….. 

As she got more mobile, she’d crawl over to me in different times of the day, hold her arms out with boo in tow and as soon as I’d pick her up, she’d start; hmmmm, inhale, hmmmm, inhale, hmmmm.

As the toddler years began, she would come with me to hum after a tantrum, if she was feeling overwhelmed, when she was tired, etc.  I keep nervously waiting for this side affect of babyhood to end but it keeps on going, day after day, me and my babe hum together.

I wake up to the morning with Stella in my doorway, boo to her nose and the sounds of hmmm, inhale, hmmmm, inhale, hmmmm… She goes to sleep at night with our same sweet lullaby.

Our humming has become more to me than just a snuggle session with my baby.  There have been times in the last few years I have literally felt it healing my mama heart.  It started out as her safe space, and over time, it has become mine.  To Stella and I, there is nothing a little humming can’t fix.  And I thank God every single night for bringing the humming – and the little girl that goes along with it – into my life.

(we took a trip last week to see family and friends in SLC so I’ve been MIA.. I’m back now though!)