It really happened.

My Stella Babe turned three.

From the day she was born, Stella brought an abundant light to my life that I can’t quite explain.

She has been nothing but pure joy from the get-go.

Stella has this incredibly contagious smile, she completely lights up a room.

We always say Stella has more personality than any adult I know.

Her little body is truly overflowing with her spunky personality.

She is constantly being goofy, dancing, singing, teasing, etc.

There is truly never a dull moment with Stelly around.

While she’s not as picky about clothes as her sister, she prefers to wear a dress most of the time.

Her favorite color remains pink.

Colors are very important to her right now.

She always wants the pink spoon, bowl, sippy, etc.

I just did myself a huge favor and bought all pink plastic bowls to eliminate the morning drama of breakfast.

People often comment on the amounts of pink in my instagram pictures.. they really have no idea. 😉

For her upcoming birthday, all Stella asked for was “fishy candy”.

A few months ago she was asking for Swedish Fish at the checkout of TJ Maxx and to distract her, I told her maybe for her birthday.  From then on, she was set on getting “fishy candy” for her birthday and never really asked for anything else.  Needless to say, she got plenty of it. 😉

My favorite part of her birthday is anytime she was sang “happy birthday” she was the loudest singer of all.  Melted my ever loving heart.

Her favorite shows right now are Princess Sofia and Minnie’s Bowtique.

She’s especially obsessed with Minnie right now after her birthday in Disneyland where she met Minnie.

She tells everyone who will listen about how we went to Disneyland and Minnie taught her to skip. (It’s true! Disney post coming up soon.)

Stella loved our vacation and cried and cried on the way home because she wanted to go back to Miss Jenn’s or Auntie’s house.

It breaks my heart every single time taking her away from Auntie.  My goodness, I wish we lived closer if not only for her sake.

Her favorite treat right now are popsicles.

She’ll rarely eat her entire ice cream or sucker, but a popsicle she’s sure to finish.

She’s going through a major macaroni and cheese phase.  She never asks for it at home, but it’s always what she wants to order when we go out some place.

It’s actually strange, because we’ve never had Kraft Macaroni and cheese at home but somewhere along the lines mac&cheese sounded great to her.

Stella loves bread.

You can always find her sneaking into your loaf of bread in the kitchen.  She would eat an entire loaf in a day if I let her.

If I give her and Harlo turkey sandwiches, Harlo picks out her turkey and gives the bread to Stella, Stella gives her turkey to Harlo and just eats the bread.  They’re polar opposites.

She always asks to go to Grammy or Nana’s house during the day.  Always when they’re at work.

She is still incredibly attached to Boo.  We’re trying to encourage her to keep it at home/in the car when we go places, but I’m not pushing.  Some days she wants to leave it, others she wants to hold it.

I just feel like my baby is growing at such a rapid pace, I do not need to speed up the process by taking boo away or forcing her to leave it places.

I can tell it drives other people crazy how much I let her have it, but I could honestly care less.  I guess that’s the beauty of the 2nd time around in parenting. 😉

She wants to grow her hair out like Harlo’s and mom’s.  She will be so happy the day we can fit those locks into a “braidy”!

She has the best facial expressions and is so animated when she talks.  Always talking with her hands and shoulders and somehow manages to get her feet in there too.

Everywhere we go, people die over Stella.  Both my girls, really, but since Stella is the not-shy one, she seems to steal the show quite often.

She is a little superstar at Grammy’s work.  They all love her to pieces, and she loves them right back.

She is, without a doubt, the biggest lover of all.

I didn’t feel too great last week and Stella was constantly checking on me, climbing in my bed to love on me for a minute, then she’d be off.

She’s such a good little lovey.

There is not enough good things to say about Stella Johann.

She lights up my life in a way no one else can.

From the moment I was pregnant with her, I knew my life would be blessed beyond measure with her.

She is the beat of my heart.

My baby forever.

We’re so happy she’s ours.