Hello lovers!  I ditched you this Monday, but I hope you had a great weekend! I’m having a bit of writers block. :/ I haven’t done a loving/struggling post in a while though, so I thought it might be good for my scattered brain.

things I’m loving this week:

Diet cherry pepsi with lemon – I’m loving this every week, but this week it has given me an added level of comfort.  I also saw diet cherry pepsi at Target on sale last night for $3 a case.  I’ll see if I can make my own as good as Swig does.  I doubt it.

Yoga – I’ve been going to yoga every day for the last few months.  Each week I love it more than the last.  Whatever issue is going on in my everyday life, yoga is sure to have a cure for me.

Puddle Jumpers – I’m sure you’ve heard about these miracle floaties, but in case you haven’t.. they’re pretty awesome.  They’re so awesome you can pretty much never find them in stores.  Yesterday I went to Costco, Kmart, Walmart and  Target.. I FINALLY found them at Target.  You can save yourself the trip and order online instead.  Stella liked hers so much she insisted on sleeping in it last night.  I admire her dedication.

Victorias Secret swim sale – The only sale better than the semi-annual sale is the AFTER semi-annual sale.  We’re going to the beach house in a few weeks so it’s perfect timing.  Take an extra 30% off with code SPF30.. and get free shipping on a $50 with code free50.  It’s pretty much a party over there.

things I’m struggling with this week:

Boo: Stella is a growing girl and she doesn’t need Boo quite as much as she used to.. which is hard when she wants it when we’re bringing it somewhere, but forgets it when we leave.  This week we’ve spent way too much time looking for Boo, or driving back to get Boo where we left it.  Last night we were sure we left it at the restaurant that had closed and Stella had to go to bed for the first time without it.  I found it later on my bathroom shelf and snuck it into her bedroom.. It was breaking my heart to put her to bed without it.  She actually did okay though!  For all of you saying I should take it away, I’ll just be honest with you: No. way. in. hell. (but we may have a new leave-it-in-the-car policy!)

Intentions: I love setting intentions.  I always say, if you’re intentions are in the right place, you’re good.  But sometimes bad intentions can sneak up on us, can’t they?  Sometimes we do things and after we wish we would have gone about it a different way.  Or when someone has bad intentions towards us, it’s easy to want to act in bad intention back.  It’s not always easy for sure, but when we make sure we have positive intentions, it’s amazing how much more positive our life feels.  Our own intentions affect us, and people’s intentions around us can affect us.  Intentions are so powerful!  This week, I’m trying to be extra aware of my intentions.  Am I doing things for the right reasons?  Am I helping someone, or making their life harder by my actions?  Am I acting selflessly, or selfishly? These are good and sometimes hard things to think about!

Goals: I am a super great goal-haver.  I am a dreamer, so setting goals just comes with the territory.  I am not a great planner though and behind every successful goal is a successful plan, I think.  I have to really be careful for looking to what I want most, and what I want right now.  Tell me I’m not alone in this!  Saving money is pretty much my least favorite thing to do, but having money saved is pretty much my favorite thing.. I’ve got to keep my eye on the prize!