I get messages asking what skin care products I use and I’ve been working on getting a post up about it.  My skin care products change slightly from summer to winter, so I’m posting my must-have summer essentials.

I have a little background in skin care since my working career started in a dermatologist office.  For 3 years I worked as a surgical assistant in skin cancer surgeries.  In my time assisting this doctor, I was able to see a whole slew of skin disorders.  It was an awesome job and made a lasting impression to say the least.  Mix this with my passion for beauty products and my own skin issues and I’m pretty much skin-obsessed.  I don’t take quite as good of care of my skin as I should (washing EVERY single night!) but I do try.  Here are my skin products I can’t live without and most are relatively cheap and simple. 


1. Clarisonic Mia 2 – Y’all.. this is a game changer.  Totally worth the money.  NOTHING cleared up my skin after my babies until I found this.  I use every day (depending on your skin sensitivity you may want to use less) with a gentle cleanser like cetaphil.  I can’t feel clean unless I’ve clarisonic’d for the day.  At just over $100, you’re one step closer to seriously flawless skin!

2. Baby Oil Gel – This is my current obsession.  My skin tends to be pretty dry in all seasons so moisturizing is KEY!  I have a rash on my leg that flares up from time to time.  For years I used all sorts of prescription creams on it until I found out it would go away completely as long as I was ultra moisturized.  It’s amazing what moisturizing your skin can do!  You have to use it IN THE SHOWER though, not after.  You can sub this with vasaline as well (again in the shower!).  You’ll never know softer skin until you try!  If your skin irritates easily, I’d go with the vasaline instead.

3. Melaleuca – My skin is almost never blemish free.  Melaleuca is  my saving grace!  On irritated skin or rashes, along with any blemish (even those pesky under-grounders!) Melaleuca is my go-t0.

4. Fakebake Flawless – You already know I love this, but I think everyone looks better with a touch of color on them.  This is made with mostly all organic ingredients and won’t harbor in the pores like most tanners do on me.  It’s not essential for skin care, but it sure helps me feel my best!

5. Jergens Ultra-Healing lotion – I stumbled upon this just by chance at walmart and I am amazed at how much I love it. I had never really loved a lotion before this one.  It’s creamy – not watery, and not too thick.  I use it on my skin and my girls. It’s ultra moisture without the grease.  And for under $4 bucks.  My kind of skin care!

6. Coconut oil –  I use coconut oil on everything humanly possible, but it’s a dead ringer for my nighttime face cream.  It’s not as greasy as you think and leaves your skin hydrated and glowing like nothing else.  I like it at night to sleep in, I find if I use it in the morning along with my bb cream, it’s just a little too much.  I also use it for my deep conditioner in my hair.

7. Garnier BB Cream – I love this because it’s moisturizer + sunscreen + coverage.  I can’t go a day without this.  I love not having to add 3 steps to my regime in the morning and just use the 1.  I wear it by itself as coverage enough most days, but even when I want fuller coverage, it helps me stretch my more expensive make-up powders to last so much longer because I need way less.  Best $10 I’ve ever spent.

8. Vasaline – Oh sweet vasaline!  I have a tub in each shower, and a mini tub in my make-up bag and purse at all times.  My lips get really dry from lipstick and glosses, so I apply vasaline to my lips every morning and every night (it wont dry them out more like chapstick!) and before applying lipstick to protect them.  For dry, callused feet.. vasaline in the shower works miracles.  For super dry skin for both mama and babes, slather up in vasaline on clean skin while still in the tub/shower and pat dry.  It wont leave you greasy like you think it will.  For any skin conditions, dermatitis, dry skin, shaving rashes… vasaline in the shower will help if not heal.  I also used it solely on diaper rashes – both in the tub then again on dry skin before diapering.  If using it for moisturizing, it must be paired with water to penetrate the skin.  If you use it dry, it will only coat the top layer of the skin which is good for protection.  And with only 1 ingredient, it’s virtually impossible to develop an allergic reaction to. (Super bonus for sensitive skin!)

So there you have it! All my favorite skin products to keep your skin healthy, moisturized and as flawless as possible!  Pair it with some good make-up and you’ll have people asking daily what skin care you use.  Promise! 🙂

xo, C