It’s been a while since I’ve done an embrace the camera post!

I always try to get in pictures with my kids.  We are in a time in our lives where we spend the majority of our time together.  Just me and them.  I want them to remember this time with me at home – and I want to remember this time with them here with me as well.  This blog has been such a fun way for me to document our lives and little daily adventures that might not make it into the photo books.  I think if you’re only going to do two things as a mom, they should be get in more pictures with your kids, and start a blog.  That might be a little dramatic with the only two things.. feeding and nurturing are probably above pictures and blogs, but you get the idea.  Let’s just run with it.

Our day usually starts with morning snuggles in bed or on our living room sofa.  I love opening the windows up and letting the morning sun pour in.  And I mean POUR in.  This is my perfect way to start the day.

 The weather has been so nice and it has become a daily ritual to head to the carousel.  Remember that time when the girls (and myself) were traumatized by the carousel?

So happy things have turned around.

After our adventures, I stop by swig then take the loooooong way home.  If i’m really, really, super lucky, I might get a double nap time.
(and then I sit in silence in the car in my garage and drink in the delicious silence and cherry diet coke with lemon for as long as I can possibly stand it.)
This is my second favorite time of the day.

 My first favorite is when those little broads wake up and I can drink in their delicious scent and snuggle to my hearts content.

 Nothing gets my oxytocin surging like Stelly sucking those fingers, all snuggled up with her boo.  Mercy!

This life is good to us, even in the everyday regular things.  I know I’ll long for this stage of life when it’s gone.

What stage of life are you in?  Is it documented?

xo, C

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