I haven’t had a real second to process the weekend we just had.  It was the most wonderful, beautiful, spiritual, meaningful, fulfilling weekend I’ve ever experienced.  It’s going to be so hard to try to put it all to words, but I’m really going to try.  You know I’m a chatter, so I’ll have to be breaking this one up into a few parts.  🙂 I’ll be writing more about this next week as I get my pictures organized.

Yesterday was a good day.

I got up early to prepare for hosting a play date at my house with some of our closest friends.  We chatted and laughed over delicious chicken tacos as we sat in the warm sun watching our children splash and play in the backyard kiddie pool.

We talked about spirituality and family and laughed about men.  We talked about past experiences and new adventures to come.  When it felt like we had solved the worlds problems, one by one the friends left with naps and meltdowns rapidly approaching.

I spent the afternoon tidying up the house.  It felt good not to worry about work for the day and just be a mom.  When our house was put back together from the play date, I readied dinner for more friends to join us to talk about some creative projects we’ll be working on in the next few months.

We sat on our back porch watching the sunlight dim, our conversation begging at every creative bone in my body.  My little girls ran around the yard, chasing “moffs” dancing in the light.

Later that night, I sank into my bed and nuzzled into that handsome man of mine with the fullest of hearts.

We really have created a beautiful little life for ourselves here, I was thinking just as a peaceful slumber took me over.

As the sun lit up my room this morning, I looked forward to what the day would offer me.