It’s my favorite time of the month again.. blog circle time.  Remember when you’re finished here to move along through the circle until you find your way back.  I love each of these ladies and I love seeing their monthly post each time.  This week I’m linking up to my sweet friend Valerie who after 4 years of emailing back and forth and following each other’s work, we were able to meet at WPPI this year! How fun is that?  I’ll tell you – super fun.

Along with some bumps in the road that March has brought, it has brought such wonderful weather and beauty to our lives.  I realize we are fortunate getting the first taste of spring and I will tell you, I do not take it for granted.  I am absolutely eating up this nicer weather.  We have spent every waking minute of time out on the back porch.  Riding bikes, jumping on the tramp, swinging on swings, building sand castles.  On Saturdays, we’re able to walk to brunch and enjoy the fresh blossoms.  Lucky for us, the carousel is on our way to and from brunch and can usually always snag a ride (as long as we get a bench seat).  In fact, let me just paint a little picture for you about the carousel… Stella is always eager to hop aboard, Harlo always thinks it’s a good idea until we get on.  This particular Saturday, Stella went right for a horse.   As I was talking Harlo into sitting by Stella, the benches were taken… she officially had no choice.  I sat her on the lowest horse I could find  and she very nervously clutched the pole in front of her making me promise I wouldn’t let go.  I thought we were okay until the carousel started and I realized the horses moved up and down!  So up she went and started to panic.  She grabbed onto my neck, but the higher she went the less I could reach so she was pulling my head up and down with her in a death grip… screaming.  Her crying triggered Stella to get nervous, so she started crying, too.  I was in a vertically moving headlock in between two screaming children as people everywhere were staring at us.  I could literally do nothing about it, so naturally, I started to laugh.  I started laughing and couldn’t stop.  I hadn’t laughed the entire week long, and here I was hysterically laughing as my children were melting down on a carousel.  I tried to be comforting, but the giggles got the best of me.  All I could do is wait until the ride was over.  The real bummer was we had tickets for two rides.  You better believe we raced to a bench the next time around. 😉
 (and I’m officially a horrible parent…)

Last  Saturday I needed this type of day.  It was the perfect morning (aside from the carousel incident) and I basked in every minute of it.  As we arrived home, I had a fresh bouquet of flowers on my doorstep from my friends sprinkled all over the globe wishing they could be here with  me.  March this year has helped me realize how blessed I am.  Just exactly how much I have to be thankful for.

March for us looks a little something like this…

Now head over to Valerie’s blog to see what her March is looking like.

xo, C