This last weekend, we took the family on a little Vegas getaway.  It was originally supposed to be a getaway for me and Brady to meet up with my sister Ali and Gemar while they were in town, but since we had to cancel our trip to California the week that everything went on with my miscarriage, we decided to take the girls along so they could see Auntie.  It ended up being exactly what we all needed!

We had been cooped up in the house for the last week so it was a lovely break from our real life.  We took the girls to shark reef for the first time and they loved it!  They still haven’t stopped talking about the “dori’s” and the jellyfish.  It made a lasting impression for sure.

We were excited our favorite Vegas pals could join us too.  Our shark reef picture was pretty epic. 😉


To complete my idea of Las Vegas perfection, we obviously had to eat at Chipotle.  It may seem small, but it made my entire month of March… which wasn’t that hard to do.

I needed this day more than I even knew.  It felt so good to spend some time with my sister.  Sometimes, you just need a sister and this week, I definitely did.  She’s such a gem she even took me to her hotel room after this to give me a manicure before heading home.  I mean… what can I even say about this lady?  She holds half my heart.

xo, C