Well, here’s the thing… It seems sort of like a lifetime ago since I wrote here last.  I had possibly the longest and trying week of my life and I do have a lot of thoughts about it all.  Some I’m questioning sharing here on this space.  BUT, when I started writing here, I vowed for it to be a place of truth.  Whatever came my way, I would be truthful about how I felt and I would be diligent in documenting our story.  This story that I have here on the pages of this blog, is the story of our life.  And even though some of you read it, it really is for me.  For my family.  For my girls.  I know this will be a treasure for us someday and I’m not doing anyone any good by only writing about the “fluff” of our life.  We do have a very happy life and I always hope that will shine through above anything else, but Lord knows we have our struggles.  If I’ve learned anything this week, it’s that happiness is a choice.  If we choose happiness, we will find happiness.  Even when it seems impossible to do.

I am going through something pretty major in my personal life right now and I intend on sharing it here as soon as I can make sense of it all.  But for now, I am just taking care of myself.  Trying to lift my spirits a moment at a time because a day just seems to overwhelming.  I am being blessed with love and beautiful weather that my heart is finding happiness in.  I am choosing happiness over anything else and my soul is being moved in such wonderful, yet painful ways.  But most importantly, I am getting through it all by His grace.

Yesterday I laid in the warm sunshine with the most perfect breeze.  I watched my girls chase butterflies around the lawn for hours, as if the butterflies were enjoying themselves as much as my girls were.  I closed my eyes and listened to my daughters giggle and shriek as they played – the sweetest sound in the whole world.  Happiness filled my heart and I knew; I’m going to be just fine.