Today I woke up feeling tired from the 2 too many trips taking my ladies back to their beds.  My head has been full of thoughts the last couple weeks and tossing and turning usually wins out over peaceful slumber.

Flowers delivered to my door were a welcome surprise to wake up to.

Harlo was still asleep in her bed, so I headed in to snuggle with her for a bit. – my favorite.  She had a goopy, water, red eye. – not my favorite.

Oatmeal was made, doctors were called.

Headed in to “work” and got caught up watching a few too many music videos. (have you seen these sisters?? My girls and I are obsessed!)

Stella distracts me from working by playing doctor on my lap – biting me like a shark, then fixing up the bites.  It hurts, but I love her little sharky teeth.

Now my girls are snuggled up on the same chair, blankies in lap and are fully content.  No fighting, just pure sisterly bliss.  My mama heart swells.

I have a to-do list of birthday party gifts, easter basket fillings and dresses, and a trip to the post office today.

Hoping Mr. Miller can meet us for lunch, because it’s just one of those days.

We’re aching for some fun in this house and I hope it will come in the form of a kiddie pool and some sunshine this afternoon… after the doctors appointment, of course.

I love days when I have nothing but mom things to do.

My little sister ladies are my favorite people to spend the days with.  They’ve been busy with play dates and people helping me rest the last few days and I have missed these kinds of days.

I’m glad to just be the mom again.  Not the sick mom or the sad mom, just their regular old mom.   The one who laughs and snuggles and tickles and fills chocolate milk and vitamin requests.

This completely regular and mediocre day is exactly what this heart of mine needed today.

I hope you’re having a happy tuesday!

xo, C