Yesterday was a crazy, but typical day in the life of a mother.

I woke up late, administered breakfast and got three bodies ready and out the door in 30 minutes… I had my breakfast on the go.

I dropped one off at preschool right on time. The other comes with me for my daily work and errands.

We got home, I straightened the kitchen, got a blog post up, emailed some clients while the little was snacking and coloring along side me.

We ran for a quick lunch with daddy, then I had to run a couple errands for work with a very whinier than normal two-year-old.

We picked up the big sis, who is the special sprout this week and had so much to tell us about school… but the little sis cried the whole way home.

Upon arriving back to the home front, one was hungry and the other super tired.

I prioritized with putting the tired one to bed first, then promptly went to fill lunch requests.

As soon as I sat down for a minute to myself, for the first time in the day, that tired baby I had just put down 30 minutes ago was calling for me.

I knew something was up.

I was greeted by a very warm little whiner.

I called the doctor who said they could see her if I came right now.  I called Brady to meet me and take Harlo so I could take Stella to the doctor… all in about 8 minutes.

I waited at the doctor with my little snuggle bunny in arms, got back into our room where she promptly vomited all over the both of us.

Bonus! I had to wait like that for 10 minutes until someone came in to help me.

I awkwardly cleaned us up the best possible way I could, while answering all the doctors questions, and settling my babe.

Of course, it’s just a virus so the doctor gave us a high five and sent us on our puke-smelling way.

We got home and the boo (who had taken the most beating from the throw-up episode) had to be washed.

Stella without a boo is someone you never want to run into.. Sick Stella without a boo is a real disaster.

After the longest hour of the day, the boo was finally nice and clean… But she still wouldn’t let me put her down.

So there I held my 31 lb two-year-old for the entire afternoon and into the evening, while somehow simultaneously sorting and folding laundry.

We finally tucked the girls to bed after what seemed like the longest day of my life.

My back ached, my legs hurt, my head was pounding, I was hungry.

Somehow all I could think of was what I didn’t do in the day that I needed to.. I didn’t get those mailed out, or talk to her, or organize this or clean that…

Why, after a crazy day that we do more than what seems physically possible, do we end the day feeling defeated, and even beating ourselves up about not doing more?

I had to seriously wake myself up.

Instead, I started thinking of all the things I had  done that day.

I had finished more than a days work in a few allotted hours, I got my child to and from school in a timely manner, I supported my husband, I found time to talk and play with my girls, I provided meals, I comforted a little sickling in the way only her mama could.  I sat with a pool of vomit on my lap for 10 minutes, for crying out loud!

Instead of feeling like a failure, I felt like a total badass.

Us moms are expected to do so much.  We do so much.

I think it’s time that every once in a while, we give ourselves a break.

Yesterday I did all my little body could do.

And that was enough.


xoxo, C