(my red velvet cheesecake at my birthday celebration at the in-laws last night!)


Today is my TWENTY-FOURTH birthday.

My girls think it’s pretty fancy that i’m 2-4 today because Stella is 2 and Harlo is 4.  I love their little minds and the things they come up with.

I wanted to write our daily schedule so I always know exactly what my life looks like at 24.

Every morning, I wake up to a little body crawling into my bed.  Usually Stella.  She lays with me quietly for a while and I feel her warm little body wriggle its way perfectly into my nook.  Her silky angel hair tickles my nose and face and her little fingers dance around my skin.

Pretty soon her sister’s up and that always reminds her that she’s hungry.

We stretch the sleepiness away and roll out of bed, assisting potties and assembling robes before we head to the kitchen.

In my head, I juggle the breakfast request list.. Harlo wants oatmeal with blueberries, Stella likes oatmeal without.  Harlo likes yogurt with oatmeal on top, Stella likes yogurt plain.  Harlo likes apple juice, Stella likes orange, Harlo likes this bowl while Stella likes that one…

I get the breakfast set out and hustle back to my office to squeeze in some work.  I like to write first thing in the morning if I get a chance and check up on my emails.

My husband brings me in a green smoothie each morning and I know that’s my cue to get going.

I’ll usually grab a quick shower if I can manage, pull my hair up out of my way and change my clothes a time or two until I feel set. The girls take a little more negotiating until their outfits are complete.  Harlo likes dresses with tights, Stella likes dresses with leggings, Harlo likes braids or headbands in her hair, Stella likes a simple bow.  Harlo likes a sweater, Stella wears a coat.  Harlo puts her shoes on herself, Stella needs some help.

We usually rush out the door to school, answering questions the whole way there. “mom, how old are you?” “mom, do you know about dragons?” “were you a princess when you married Daddy?” “Where do hot air balloons live?”

I scurry Harlo into school usually leaving a teary Stella behind.  On Stella’s harder days, we stop to get a donut or chocolate milk as a little pick-me-up.

This special time I have with just one child must be used wisely.  I can do a quick cluster of errands for work or for home or on our slower days, which I love, we stop by to say hi to Daddy or mosey around some of our favorite stores.

We’ll usually grab a quick lunch at home or at our favorite sandwich shop around the corner from Brady’s work.  After lunch is time to pick up Harlo which is always the highlight of the day for Stella.

As we arrive home, I set Harlo up with a quiet activity and head in to rock my sweet Stella to slumber.

I usually have a little work to catch up on during Stella’s nap and Harlo sits along side me and colors or writes me notes or makes people cards while I edit or blog or email…

at 4:00 I start dinner.  No matter what kind of day I’ve had, making dinner is exactly what I need to clear my head and rejuvenate my soul.  If I get down on myself, those thoughts are always swept away as my hands are busy preparing a meal.

I juggle sauces and what’s in the oven with after nap time sippies and show requests.

When Brady walks through the door, it’s almost time to eat.  I listen to squeals and shreiks and daddy stomps as I get everyone’s plates ready.

We sit down to eat our meal and talk about our favorite part of the day.  This conversation usually entails many reminders to “take another bite” or “eat your veggies”.

After dinner, the girls have a few minutes to play before it’s tubby time.

Our bedtime routine is a family affair, one of us washes while the other gets towels and jammies.  We get the girls out, one lotions and jammies and the other brushes teeth and hair. We get the girls in bed, one reads while the other gets water sippies, one says the prayer and the other lays with the girls.

After the girls are peacefully tucked in, we usually watch a show, or catch up on work, or just lounge in bed and chat.. usually about the funny things the girls did that day.

Each night as my head reaches my pillow, I count the sweet blessings this life has to offer me.

I have had quite a life packed into these 24 years and I wouldn’t trade any of it for the world.  I am so happy with where my life is right at this very moment.  I know I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be.

Today I am headed off to a day of birthday adventure! I’ll be back to tell you all about it.

So much love to all of my sweet friends and followers to sweeten my life in ways you can’t even imagine.

xoxo, C