Today I woke up at 8:59am. A super treat for a mama.

We went brunchin’, our weekend fave. I even let the Mr. pick the place which always makes my heart happy.

I came home and enjoyed an entire half hour watching fresh beat band while my two ladies snuggled in at my sides. (Fresh beat band isn’t’ exactly my fave, but I was not moving with those two cozied in.)

I organized a cupboard in my kitchen and straightened the house.

I enjoyed not doing anything at all for about an hour while my girls put on a dance show for me.

We dropped the ladies off to Grammy’s house so we could go enjoy ourselves a date night – much needed!

I cried my eyes out watching The Impossible. (such a great movie – perfect for a couples night out.. enough action and enough love to tide us both over)

I enjoyed uninterrupted conversation with my one and only over a few rolls of sushi. (yum!)

I ate up the welcome home lovins from the ladies.

I chatted with my mom.

I smooched on my niece and nephew.

I delighted in tubby time, and even more so in the after-tub-love.

I devoured the smell of freshly applied doterra as I snuggled my girls to sleep.

I am on my way to indulge in some double dark chocolate talenti. (my favorite!)


Saturday, you’re my bff.

xo, C