My Harlo girl is so precious.
She has such a tender heart and sweet spirit.
She is quiet and observant, but strong willed and spirited.
I always say that it was no mistake she was sent to me first.
Some days I am really in disbelief I am her mother.
Her mother. I still can’t believe it.
Last week as we sat in church, my girls kept kissing each other.
I have to laugh that some parents can’t get their kids to stop hitting/picking on each other and my girls are sitting here smooching and giggling away.
Stella was between Harlo and I, so I just had a view of Harlo’s face.
Stella would lean over and pucker, then Harlo would kiss her and wrap her arms around her little sister.
Each time, she would squeeze her eyes shut and completely embrace the moment with a quiet little smile on her face.
Stella would pull away and in a few minutes they were doing it again. Each time the same intent hug as before.
She loves being a big sister so much.
I can’t even think of it without tearing up.
Harlo holds such a special place in our home.
I miss her terribly while she’s away at preschool.
When we pick her up, I think we all sigh with relief.
She’s always willing to help with whatever needs to be done.
She loves anything lady-like and fancy.
She loves cooking and cleaning and organizing.
If I have a flower arrangement up in the house, Harlo is always rearranging it to see what might make it look better.
Now with the Christmas trees up, she rearranges and redecorates all the day long.
It really amazes me how I just never have to worry about her.
Never ever is she doing something naughty.
She’s so aware of peoples feelings, shes so sensitive to how things might affect someone else.
She hardly ever asks for anything.
When Stella naps is usually when I try to get a chunk of work done.
Harlo is usually good to sit at my desk and color, or play her computer games, watch a show for a bit or play a matching game.
Sometimes I have to force myself to step away and play with her because she’s totally fine playing by herself, she wouldn’t even ask.
And when she does ask, i will do anything in my power to say, “Yes.”
Sometimes she’ll say, “mom, will you sit by me?” and that’s all she needs.
Her only request for the day.
My sweet little girl.
Sometimes I feel as though I waited my whole life for Harlo.
Like she was there all along and I was missing her terribly, but now she’s here with me.
It’s hard to explain, but I just feel like I know her beyond this life of ours.
She’s such an old soul and is wise beyond her years.
Sometimes I have to remember I’m talking to a four year old.
My Harlo girl is such a sweet little thing.
She is so complimentary. Always tells me when I look nice or compliments a certain thing I’m wearing.
“Mom, you’re wearing those boots? They look so cute on you!”
“Oh mom, I love your lipstick. Did you just get that?”
The other day my mom got home from work and was wearing her scrubs, Harlo thought that was so magical,
“Grandma! I love your unicorn!” (uniform) “You look so pretty in that unicorn!”
She always loves to dress up and she’ll come in and say,
“Mom, do I look fancy?” and I’ll say, “Yes, Harlo! Wow! You look so fancy!” and she says,
“yep, I do huh.” 🙂
Harlo is so in her own little world and has no concept of what the harsh judgement of the world outside is like.
I love this about her so much.
I will do everything in my power to maintain this for as long as I can.
I hope to raise my girls to be so proud of who they are.
They are such special little beings.
So special, in fact, that I have decided to dedicate my entire life to them.
That’s pretty special if you ask me.

I love asking Harlo questions.
Just normal, everyday questions.
Her answers always put a smile on my face.
Here are some questions we chatted about recently,

What’s your favorite color?
H: Pink and purple.

M: Who is your best friend?
H: Stella.

M: Who is your favorite friend to play with?
H: Drake

M: What is your favorite food?
H: Snow cones.

M: What is your favorite song?
H: Ramsamsam (from the 50 silly songs CD)

M: What is your favorite show?
H: Tinkerbell movies

M: What do you want to do when you grow up?
H: Go to preschool.

Oh, my sweet Harlo.
I hope you know how special you are to me.
How you saved my life.
Did you know that?
You really saved my life.
Being your mom is my favorite thing in the whole entire world.
You are my daily reminder that there is a God. And He loves us deeply.
You are the first thing I think about when I wake up, and the last thing as I lay down to sleep.
I don’t know how I’ll repay you for the impact you’ve made in my life, my darling girl.
But I promise that every single day of the rest of my life, I will try.

I love you so so so!

xoxo, Mommy