What a day!

My day started out with a trip to the eye doctor.  One thing you not-yet-mothers should look forward to is the rapid decline of vision after each baby.  At least that’s the way it was for me.  I kept noticing I had pictures out of focus when I would edit.  “That’s weird,” I thought.. “so many of these are blurry!”

The good news is, I’m not a bad photographer.. turns out the pictures were tack sharp.  The bad news is.. my eyes can’t see that by themselves.

So glasses I go.  Naturally, I spend most of the day obsessing over which frames to purchase.  I’m not a real “glasses” type a girl, so it was a tough decision.  Are you going classy, funky cat-eye, colored, dorky?  So many decisions!

I ended up choosing THESE. Oh, and also THESE. Have you heard of Firmoo.com and coastal.com?  The prices are madness!  Both places offered the first pair for free and you just pay shipping, so I got two new pair of glasses shipping to my door with all the fancy anti-glare, anti-scratch coatings and all for under $30!  Extra perfect because I chose the more dorky chic frames that may be going out of style next year.  If so, no sweat! (and no, I’m not getting paid for this post.. I really get this excited about stuff like $12 glasses) You can also upload a picture of your face to try the glasses on virtually.. needless to say I kept myself busy all afternoon. 😉

So by the time I sat down to my computer today, fashion friday was dang near through… The best news is I’m working on an awesome fashion friday for next week, so stay tuned for that.

I will leave you with a very fashionable pin board though.  Do you follow my fashionista board on pinterest?  I sort of hope you don’t so you think I’m super fashionable all on my own.

Have I mentioned how much I love pinterest?  Oh looky there, I have.

Here is a perfect fall wardrobe:

What do you think about my new glasses?

xo, C