Embracing the camera today with my little Stellita.

Do you remember wondering what your parents did after you went to school?

I was always certain that they crawled back into bed, slept a few more hours, got up and went out to lunch, then went shopping.  I just knew they had loads of fun while I was slaving away in the 2nd grade.

Turns out, I wasn’t far off. ha!

No, really.. sometimes we don’t do that when Harlo is at school, but we really do think it’s fun to use those preschool days as our special dates with Stella.

I was so worried when Harlo started preschool that Stella would miss her terribly.  The first few weeks all she did was mope around and ask to “Go get Harro….”.  Now, she’s sort of diggin’ the time she gets alone with mama.

And I’m sort of diggin’ it too.

Lunch date with our little mug.


I forgot about all the time I had alone with Harlo before Stella was born, and even while Stella naps, Harlo and I spend the afternoons together alone.  I realized I didn’t really have a lot of alone time with Stella.

We’re the type of family that does most of our stuff together.  We like being together, what can I say?  But when life forces us to be apart, we’ve learned that can be kind of nice, too.

This could very well be my last year home alone with  Stella, as she’ll be starting the busy world of preschool next year.  I’ve realized how much of a blessing it has been to have this time with her.

I sure love my little mini.


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xo, C