Will my babies ever know how lucky I feel to have them?

Will they ever know how much I wanted them?  How long I waited for them?  How I felt the first time I held them?

Will they ever know how much I love just simply being with them?  Just seeing their faces in the morning, walking to the park with them, chatting on the couch with them?  Will they ever know?  Can they ever ever know?

Will they know that them walking hand in hand behind me makes my heart hurt it’s so full of love?

Will they know that when they’re wrapped in a towel, no matter how many times I see them like this, I just see my brand newborn baby being set on my belly.  It never gets old.  Will they ever know that?

Will they ever know that even though I tell them to straighten out their attitudes, that I love their mean little mugs?

Will they ever know how I desperately try to document how I’m feeling as their mother? Walking down the street, pausing to pick flowers, I am shocked by how much I love my life.  How unbelievably blessed I am.  Will they know that?

Will they know that after a long day of being on my feet, when my back aches, when I’m exhausted, watching them in the tubby is the very best medicine?  Could they ever possibly know how precious they are to me?  I mean, seriously…

Will they ever know how much they are just the absolute beat of my heart?  

And I mean the beat. of. my heart.

Please tell me someday they’ll know.

xo, C