We spent the weekend at Brady’s family cabin in Duck Creek.  It was so nice and so relaxing and just exactly what we needed to refreshen!

It’s so important to me that our girls have memories of family traditions.  I am striving to create a wonderful childhood for them filled with love and adventure and tradition.  I know that the cabin will be some of their very favorite memories.

They have the best Nana!

Mama and Daddy got to do a whole lot of this:  Lounging around and watching deer just outside our window… at the same time.

Between conference sessions (which were amazing, btw!) we rode up the canyon to check out the gorgeous mountain scenery.  I don’t believe there are many places more beautiful than cedar mountain this time of year.  We’d heard that a lot of leaves had fallen since the last weekend, but it was still so beautiful.  Totally took my breath away.

Nana and Papa got a brand new puppy just before the trip.  He provided hours of entertainment to the girls.  Meet the newest member of our Miller clan: Ruger. (or “critter” as Harlo keeps thinking his name is, and “wugah” as Stella pronounces it… those “R’s” are tough!)

We stopped at this overlook of the most beautiful canyon!  

I can’t tell you how blessed I feel to be part of the Miller family.  My girls have the greatest grandparents in the universe!  I hope they’ll grow up knowing how loved they are.

What did you do this weekend?

xo, C