1. The Flood
    Oh my heart is heavy for those poor, poor people affected.  I’m having a hard time doing anything but imagining what my house would look like if it was shoulder-deep in muddy water.  Or in my case, over-the-head-deep.  Because I’m only 5’3.

    Someone said, “it was shoulder deep! about 5 feet” and I thought “who’s shoulder is 5 feet high?”  certainly not mine.

    Quirky thoughts aside, it’s a serious devastation.

  2. A clean house
    Is it possible?  Is it really, really possible?  I mean like no laundry, no dishes in the sink, floors are all clean and toilets are all scrubbed at one time.  
    Is it possible????

    If you’re my sister-in-law, Amy, it is.  But is it possible for anyone else?

    This thought keeps me up at night.

  3. Editing o’plenty
    Is what I have to do all weekend.
    Sometimes I try to keep my house clean (see number 2) and that means I have to neglect my editing.

    Eventually, it catches up.

  4.  Time.
    Certainly, a mother did not create time.  If she would have, we would have 100 hours to the day and only 10 of those would require sleep.

  5. Domestic Goddess-hood.
    Yesterday while Harlo was at preschool, Stella and I braved the grocery store for the mother-of-all grocery load.

    Then we had frozen pizza for dinner because I was exhausted.

    And that’s all I have to say about that. 

And if you’re wondering how I took a 2 year old shopping with me,

Works like a charm!

I’m so glad we had this little chat.

Do you have any fun weekend plans?  Do share!

xo, C