Every summer, I make it a point to get our family pictures taken.  If you’re thinking, you’re a photographer.  Why don’t you just take your own family pictures? You’ve probably never tried to be the subject and photographer AND the mom all at once.  Plus, it’s important for me to photograph my family truly as we are each year to document our story.  I save up, plan ahead and every single year it’s worth it.

This year we were graced by the wonderful Brooke Ashley.  Let me tell you a little story about that.

I have been pretty much obsessed with Brooke Ashley since I was a first year (make that first month) photographer.  Then, when I had a little family of my own, Brooke was taking some time off due to a growing family of HER own.  So this year I woke up one morning with panic in my soul to book our family session and book it at home.. with Brooke Ashley.  How in the world?!

I contacted Brooke, and said something like, “Oh hey brooke, I know you’re not really booking families, but would you make an exception for me?” and she was like “oh totally! I book a couple families here and there.” and I was like, “oh yeah… one more thing.  Can you do it at our house? And also, I don’t live in your same city.” and she was all, “Oh that’s funny! I’m actually going to be driving past your house next month.  I’ll totally stop by for the morning and we’ll do it then.” SCORE.  This is my testimony y’all, that there is a God.  A Photography God, at that.

So then I was so excited I could barely eat my lunch.  …Then the session approached us and the reality that BROOKE ASHLEY would be IN MY HOUSE taking pictures of MY FAMILY set in and I became frantic. Frantic, I say!  I think I was more nervous for this than I was for my own nuptials or giving birth.  Gave me a whole new appreciation for my own clients, especially my home session clients. 😉

But of course, the second she arrived all was calm and wonderful.  She is even more amazing and more beautiful than I could have ever imagined.  It tips the scales as one of my very favorite days.  Not to mention weeks later when I got the pictures in the mail and began flipping through them with tears dripping down my face.  Tears, I tell you!

So I officially name this week Brooke Ashley week here on the blog.  And because I’m sort of vain and I NEED you to see every single picture, I will be featuring parts of our session everyday this week.  So rest easy, my dear souls.  Rest easy.

xoxo, Cass (and the miller crew)