I love my job.  I love it so much, it sounds a little strange to call it a “job”.  To have the opportunity to share such special moments with these families, all the while being able to document them in my own artistic style is beyond what I could have ever imagined doing for a living.  My work for me is very personal.  My clients become close friends and I enjoy so much watching their children grow.

Juanita is an amazing photographer here in St. George.  While it is always nerve-wracking for me to photograph another photographer, the challenge and artistic collaboration is always refreshing and inspiring.  Juanita really respected my personal style and let me choose every detail of the session.  I had an idea to shoot at a more desert-y location, so we finished up our session out there.  I’m so glad Juanita trusted me with it because they are probably my favorite shots of the session.  What a beautiful family they are!  I can’t wait to meet that new little baby sister she’s got hiding in that tiny belly of hers.