So, things are changing here at cassidymillerphotography, or cassmillerphoto, rather.. whichever you prefer.
You see, last year when I started this blog I had a dream.  A dream to create art, to shoot people and families and birth.  To book clients on a regular basis and do what I LOVE to do, because I do.  I love it.  Like wrap-my-arms-around-it-and-give-it-a-big-smooch-on-the-mouth kind of love it.  I don’t think I should have to play all coy, like “oh yeah, I’m a birth photographer, what?” I think I should be able to say, “I’m a birth photographer and I am the luckiest person in the world.  I could do cartwheels right now just telling you what I do.” (except I can’t really do cartwheels, let’s just be real here) Because that’s more what I feel like.
So, back to last year.  I made some goals and dreams and wouldn’t you know?  They came true.  They came true in ways I could have never imagined.  I had people willing to share their most intimate moments with me.  I had clients that wanted ME to document their family.  I had wonderful artists that were giving me credit for MY ART.  I was featured on blogs that I once scrolled through imagining my photos on the pages. I was contacted and hired by the OWN network for crying out loud! (more on that later)  And I’m proud, and I’m happy and I’m so blessed to be able to make this little dream of mine a reality.
But that begs the question, what now?
Well, 2012 has got me thinking.  I took the month off in January (I’m going to be honest again and tell you that I was feeling really burned out, like my work was getting flat, and I was sick of living behind my camera) and that time off helped me to really re-vamp my thought process.  I also attended WPPI this year for the first time ever, and left feeling so inspired, so excited, and so in love with photography all over again.  I’ve kept replaying Becky Earl’s question to me last March, “Cass, what do you love to shoot?” and I love to shoot families and birth.  But what I love about families is not the best location that they choose, and not the snazzy, matching outfits that they wear, or how pretty they are.  While that’s all great and golden, it’s the connection for me that is so intriguing.  It’s capturing the personalities that’s the exciting challenge.  It’s showing the family, this is how you love eachother. isn’t it magnificent?! that gives me goose bumps and keeps me warm at night. (okay, maybe that’s the Mr. keeping me warm, but I feel like the client thing helps, too)
So this year, I am asking you to open up to me.  To get really personal, and let me document you.  The real you.  The kind of you that snuggles with your kids when they wake up from their naps, and greets your husband at the door.  The kind of you that nurses your baby.  The kind of you that plays with your kids.  The kind of you that can say, this is my family and we’re so perfect for each other.

Too much to ask?  Well, I hope you’ll consider it anyway.

I got into this business because I wanted to document other families in the way I wanted my own family documented, and that’s still what motivates me as I document the beautiful families that grace this blog, and grace my life.

So if you’ve made it this far (I clearly had a lot to get off my chest today, didn’t I?!) I hope that you will enjoy this session of Jessica and Drake in the perfect way they love.

Did I really suggest a 9 month pregnant person to get on a trampoline? Yes… but I fed her ice cream afterwords, so it’s all good.

xo, C