Alesha’s birth was the second of my births in May.  I love to attend any birth.  It’s amazing to be able to do this for a living, having people allow me in their most precious moment in life to view such amazing love.  It’s just unexplainable.  Every birth has such a unique beauty to it and Alesha’s was no exception.
I had met with Alesha just a week or so to her delivery day where we went over what she wanted or didn’t want, what important things she wanted captured, along with some fun chatty time and she mentioned she was going to try for a natural birth.  Have had a natural birth myself, I was kind of excited to attend a natural birth.  Alesha let me know when she was headed to the hospital and when she wanted me there so I got there as soon as I could.  She was already having great contractions and working through them just like a pro.  The second I walked in I knew she could do it.
The nurse even asked her right in a contraction if she was “sure she wanted to wait on the epidural?” (which is a huge no-no in natural birth) and Alesha toughed on through.
What I so loved is that Ryan was just so comforting and supportive of Alesha.  He did whatever she needed him to do and they just totally got through it as a team.  It was awesome.
I think a lot of people picture natural birth so different than how it really is.  It’s usually very calm and peaceful, and it does get really emotionally intense, but it’s just so amazing.  I’m so glad I got to capture it for them.

Thanks for letting me be a part of your big day, Alesha!  Taislee is so precious!

xoxo – C