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Life : 

We have been beating the January blues with a quick road trip to freshen up our spirits, it was just what we needed.  We’ve got home projects starting again, hoping to actually finish this house of ours.  New floors will be going in, bathrooms remodeled, a couple other details and we will be good to go.  Finishing up the planning stages before we tackle it all. Woo!
I am more in love with having four kids than ever before.  Major has finally started sleeping, Grae is the funniest and cutest thing ever (balancing out her extreme spice), Stella has found her “thing” in gymnastics and twirls and flips around my house all day, Harlo has a real knack for piano filling my home with sweet little notes.. It seems we are in a real groove with life, and my heart feels like it’s doing the work it was made to do.  Other than the quickly passing time, I am in absolute heaven with this season I’m in.
Mr. Miller’s business just received the chamber of commerce “small business of the year” award, which feels like the biggest honor.  My husband is an honest, talented businessman and for him to get  publicly recognized for something so close to our hearts is so amazing.  Proud of him and the work he’s done these past 10 years.


Loungy, cozy style is how I’m getting through January.  I have actually really loved my decision to cut bangs – I feel like I’ve got a hairstyle going whether my hair is down and curled, or up in a messy bun.  Definitely been a welcome change.
Oversized sweaters are on a daily rotation.  Picked up some recently for 75% off at the gap outlet, and this cute one here is from Scout & Cloth.  I’ll be happy when warmer weather sets in, but I sure will be sad to have to tuck my big comfy sweaters away!
Black skinnies are Rockstars from Old Navy.. because seriously, $20 jeans.
Glasses I get asked about nonstop, firmoo!


Loving a super natural looking fresh face right now.  A quick highlight and contour (HAC) made simple with my maskcara pallet.  I’ve been keeping it simple on my eyes lining in oak eyeshadow with a little guilded on my upper lid.  I’m less than 5 minutes out the door.
If you’re needing help finding your right colors, shoot me an email to heygirl@cassmiller.com with a photo and I’ll color match you. ;)



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Life + Style

It’s been a while since I have posted in my life and style series, and I have had a serious case of the post-partum frumps, so I will be making the extra effort to take care of myself, and touch base with myself once a week in this series!

Life :

We are feeling the slowness of fall wrap around us like a big cozy blanket.  I am a summer girl, so saying goodbye to summer is a bit bittersweet, but I do love these cozier days at home with my little ones.  I have gotten used to our new routine with school, homework, piano, chores.  I was dreading the girls going to school full day, but I seem to have found a rhythm to our day that works for us, and I have really enjoyed the mornings with my two littlest ones.

The weather has been so beautiful and I have been taking the babies for a long walk in the morning.  Major sleeps in the stroller, Grae is content and still for the first only time of the day, I listen to uplifting books or scriptures as I walk, and take in the beauty all around.  I have really grown fond of these morning walks.  They set my intention for the day and give my brain time to reset.

In the afternoons, when the babies wake from naps, we take to the porch and wait for the bus.  This is the happiest time of my whole day.  I love seeing my children miss each other and be reunited happily day after day.  We chat for a bit on the porch, then come in and as I start readying the kitchen for dinner prep, the girls do their homework, chores (tidy their room and living room), and practice piano.  After that, their time is free to play and rest to their little hearts content (ie: screen privilages…;) ).

We have crossed off the last bit of our summer bucket list, and will be creating a new holidays bucket list for the upcoming season.  First thing was dressing up our porch with pumpkins and mums.  We were lucky to have my best girl Ashley Flowers join us to snap a few pictures as we prepare for a new season.  When I see these pictures of myself out and about with my four little ones, teaching them to embrace the new season and to stop and smell the roses (or mums in this case), I feel such a sense of pride.  I never knew I would be capable of being a mom to four, but here I am.  Life is full and happy.

Style :

I get lots of questions of where we shop, so I’m trying something new to make it easier to shop our looks (or similar) when I post.  Let me know if you find it helpful!

My cute top is local from Scout & Cloth, the girls dresses aren’t new, but I’ve linked similar below…
Shop Similar –

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I’m going to have four kids soon.


Soon, I am going to have this baby.  Not too soon? Maybe way soon? It feels like that right about now.  For some reason, I feel compelled to take a photo of my belly every single day and document exactly the feelings in my heart right now.  My mind and heart are BURSTING with feelings and thoughts and I know the minute this baby is born, all of it will fizzle out into hormonal tears and I wont recall a bit of this week – maybe my last week of pregnancy.  That is a weird thing about having a baby.

The idea of having another baby in the house on the surface feels a little overwhelming, but I know that with each baby comes this capability in myself as a mother.  I may feel maxed out right now, but as soon as that new little person gets here, I will have room in my heart, room in our family, room in our life for it.  It is a special amount of room that has been pre-carved just for this baby, and once I discover it, I’ll never know how he/she wasn’t here the whole time.  But I believe this little being really was etched in my soul the whole time.  And the closer I get to meeting him/her in person, the more familiar that little spirit is feeling to me.  I get little glimmers of familiarity, that sometimes I almost feel like it’s missing because it’s not here yet.  It’s a special place to be.  I always forget about this phase until I’m here again and I remember feeling this way about each of my little souls before they came into the world.

Yesterday I finished up the last of all the things I needed in preparation for this baby.  The laundry is done and folded (thank you so much, Cher!) the cradle is set up, the newborn diapers are unboxed… Each time I see that little cradle in the corner of my room I feel like my heart is going to swell out of my chest.  Last night I noticed Stella had placed a few books on the window sill next to the baby’s bed, and placed a few small toys and a fresh blanket in the cradle.  We are all so happy to be adding this baby to our family.  I hope that wherever it’s little spirit is right now, it can feel the love we already have for it.

This week I feel a sense of contentment that I haven’t felt in quite some time.  I have felt capable, and strong, and fulfilled, and happy.  I have craved contentment for months and this week it has seemed to wrap around me like a favorite blanket.  The stress of life has calmed down some, my emotions seem to be in a good place this week.  It is calm here and I hope to keep it that way for as long as I am able.  I also feel God so close to me this week, which has blessed my life and my heart deeply.  I feel like I’m getting answers to overdue prayers, and I have this clarity and peace that only comes with the spirit filling my heart.

In our travels and encounters over the duration of this pregnancy, we have had a lot of comments on “Four?!” kids.  There was a time these comments would have made me feel uneasy and insecure, but thankfully I am in a chapter in life that feels like this life was made just for me – I know it was, actually.  And the idea of having four of my very own children filling the walls of my home- almost to the point of overflowing makes me happier than anything else could.  I am going to have four kids soon and I couldn’t be more thrilled.

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We had such a wonderful time on our little lovers getaway to Santa Monica last weekend.  We stayed in the lovely Shangri-La hotel, which was the perfect location.  We didn’t need to rent a car or anything, we just strolled around third street promenade a street over from our hotel where EVERYTHING was located.  We shopped at the best stores, ate the most delicious food, soaked up the pool time, napped everyday with open windows and the ocean breeze blowing in.  It was absolutely heavenly.

It’s hard to pick a favorite part, but I just loved spending some alone time with that Mr. Miller of mine.  We have so much fun together and I love that.  I loved waking up and walking to brunch (Mr. Miller’s favorite type of meal), I loved how he delights in me getting excited about strolling through anthropologie, I love how he let me take naps everyday and didn’t make me feel guilty about it, I love that he picked our hotel because it reminded him of me.  When we called to talk to the girls the first day, they asked about where we were staying.  Brady said “You would love our hotel – it’s fancy like mom.” I realized that my outfit for the day matched perfectly with the decor.  Ha! I love that Mr. Miller loves my fanciness.  I love that he insisted we get room service because I had never done it before. :)

I got pretty homesick for our babies.  I think 4 days (3 nights) away is my limit.  The girls did so well though!  Grae surprised us all by napping perfectly and being a good girl the whole time we were gone.  Stella was the least concerned about when we were coming home.  Harlo texted me from her ipad quite a bit and missed me, which was surprising!  The night before we were headed home I texted her and said “I’ll see you tomorrow!” and she said “Okay! I’m ready!”

We just had a great time.  Nine years later and he is still my favorite person to hang out with.  Whether we are out adventuring, or lounging around doing nothing.  I love that Mr. Miller of mine and I’m so glad he loves me right back.


If you are looking for a weekend getaway, try Santa Monica.  It really was SO much fun.

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