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a day in our life

I am loving how we spend our days right now, so I wanted to do a little photo project to document each little bit of this season we’re in.


After the big girls are off to school, we start our mornings with a long walk in our neighborhood.  I love this time in our day.  It’s the only time both the babies are quiet, still, and happy.  I set my intention for the day and love pushing the stroller as my feet hit the pavement in the neighborhood I have grown to love so much.  I usually listen to audio books or scriptures on our walks and I love the tone it sets for my day.  My body feels strong and healthy, my mind is sound, my spirituality is set for the day, and my babies are happy taking in scenery.

 Grae’s favorite part is the snacks. ;)

After our walk, if he didn’t snooze during the walk, he takes a good nap when we get home.  This is when I get the bulk of my work done for the day, whether it’s blog posting (like now) or house chores.  I switch off days of the week to create a balance to get things done.  After our walk, I’m usually inspired to write my message to the world for the day – or get home and get my hands busy with the most important kind – being the heart of my home.

This particular day was an early-out from school, so after lunch we took to the front yard.  We wait out front for them each day.  Sometimes we swing on the porch swing, sometimes we sit on the grass, some days we kick a ball around.  Every day I love this happy time when the girls get home.

I kiss the girls off the bus, let them love on their baby siblings for a while, and listen all about their days before we head inside.

Sometimes (these days more often not) Grae naps in the afternoons with the baby.  When we get this rare baby-free time, we do some big girl things.  My big girls lately have taken to planning.  In addition to playing with my kids with things they like, I like to invite them to do things that I like to do.  This has changed the way we spend time together, and I love it.  The girls love doing things I like – imagine that.  Once a week I ready my planner for the week, and the girls get theirs out.  They do mostly some journaling and they embellish it with stickers and cute pages.  I love seeing what they come up with.  I also love that as they grow up, we find more and more things to do, keeping us close and our relationship strong.  This is so important to me and I treasure my time with just them.

Before we know it… Grae is up from her snooze.


We make a little afternoon snack – popcorn is always the favorite.

And then it’s usually time for me to start dinner.  This time is usually busy with the babies up, homework needs to be worked on, the cooking needs to be attended to, so everyone has a job to pitch in.  If someone is bugging someone else, it’s because they’re not busy enough, so they get an extra job. ;) The girls take turns doing homework and watching Grae, Grae’s job is to play with Major, when that gets restless it’s time to set the table, etc.  For some reason I just genuinely like cooking dinner.  It can be stressful, but it just reminds me how full our lives are and it marks this season I’m in in motherhood.  There are a lot of layers to life right now, and it feels like such an accomplishment.  Sometimes I catch myself juggling several things and I can’t believe I’m capable of it.  But I am.  So I lean in to that when the stress level starts raising.

And this moment right here makes all the hard work I do as a mama for the day just completely and utterly worth it.

(I love when my girls set the table – they always take it to another level with little touches of fanciness!)

I’m sure our days look like millions of other mothers in the world, and I love that.  I think about that often – the sisterhood of motherhood.  We are so connected in this.  As we work from sun up to sun down, doing the Lord’s work to guide our family, love our family, working hard and putting so many others before ourselves.  What a special calling we have.  And just like anything God asks us to do, he blesses us 100x over for our sacrifices.  I’m so glad to spend my day serving in this capacity.  What a blessing it’s been to my life.

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embrace the camera

It’s been a while since I’ve done an embrace the camera post!

I always try to get in pictures with my kids.  We are in a time in our lives where we spend the majority of our time together.  Just me and them.  I want them to remember this time with me at home – and I want to remember this time with them here with me as well.  This blog has been such a fun way for me to document our lives and little daily adventures that might not make it into the photo books.  I think if you’re only going to do two things as a mom, they should be get in more pictures with your kids, and start a blog.  That might be a little dramatic with the only two things.. feeding and nurturing are probably above pictures and blogs, but you get the idea.  Let’s just run with it.

Our day usually starts with morning snuggles in bed or on our living room sofa.  I love opening the windows up and letting the morning sun pour in.  And I mean POUR in.  This is my perfect way to start the day.

 The weather has been so nice and it has become a daily ritual to head to the carousel.  Remember that time when the girls (and myself) were traumatized by the carousel?

So happy things have turned around.

After our adventures, I stop by swig then take the loooooong way home.  If i’m really, really, super lucky, I might get a double nap time.
(and then I sit in silence in the car in my garage and drink in the delicious silence and cherry diet coke with lemon for as long as I can possibly stand it.)
This is my second favorite time of the day.

 My first favorite is when those little broads wake up and I can drink in their delicious scent and snuggle to my hearts content.

 Nothing gets my oxytocin surging like Stelly sucking those fingers, all snuggled up with her boo.  Mercy!

This life is good to us, even in the everyday regular things.  I know I’ll long for this stage of life when it’s gone.

What stage of life are you in?  Is it documented?

xo, C

(if you follow me on instagram, you know that I embrace the camera in our adventures as much as possible.  If you don’t follow me on instagram… let’s go ahead and change that. ;) follow me! @cassmiller)

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phone dump – vacation style

Our first California trip of the year was a total success!  My nephew was with us for the week while his mama was vacationing to the Dominican Republic so he and my mom came along for the ride!  We had such a relaxing trip.  It was just what we needed!  California truly has half my heart.

Obviously, our first priority is which Chipotle we’re stopping at first.  I time our departure based on our Chipotle trips alone.

This for me = pure bliss

I’d like to tell you Stella has drastically improved in her traveling since her first year (and second!) of screaming 6 of the 7 hours there.  I really would.  However, I would be bold face lying to you.  She doesn’t scream bloody murder anymore, we’ll give her that.  Now she has words and she knows how to use them.  But the whining and the “MAAAAAAAM!” every 20 seconds makes me wonder if the screaming was actually better.  At least the screaming wasn’t directed at me personally.  The thought of traveling with Stella makes my chest all splochy.

Her cuteness is her only saving grace in these types of situations.

 The very first thing my girls do at Auntie’s is wait not-so-patiently for their prizes.  That Auntie.. She always has something for them.  They’re spoiled, but not quite rotten which is a good mix I think.

Each morning the girls would bring me a lovely little bouquet from Auntie’s walkway.  I don’t care who you are, getting flowers from your kids never gets old.  Not even when they’re really weeds.

One morning I placed my bouquet down on this book.  When I went back to get it, I thought, Yep.  You’re right.  Heaven is here.

Thursday market is the highlight of our Oceanside life.  I have to find someone who makes those black and white sugar cookies here.  Heavens to betsy!

I love the food, the girls love the wagon ride.

HELLLOOOOO! From Stella on the balcony!

date night with my lover – cali style!  What a special treat! (except for we accidentally saw a horror movie and the Lord knows my tender heart can’t handle horror movies… I barely slept the rest of the trip.)

Is there anything better than sister time at the beach, you might be asking?

The answer is absolutely not.

This sunset was SO beautiful.  It was so neat letting the girls watch the sun dip completely into the water until it was gone.

With great company as always!

I have grown so completely fond of this little adventure crew of mine.  Seeing them all in a different city makes me realize just how lucky I am to have them for real.

 We tested out the ol’ mini van’s full capacity.  And I must say, it felt good.

I always think visiting Auntie is a great idea… until it’s time to leave.  Seriously it gets harder as the time rolls on.

The ride home was actually not as brutal as most travel is with Stella.  She slept for a good chunk and was kept busy by trader joe’s groceries-a-plenty!  The only problem was.. while i was busy assisting everyone else with potties before we left.. I forgot to go myself.  And that 32 ounces of diet coke wasn’t doing me any favors.  I had to seriously suck it up because I was not disrupting the peace for nothin’!  Good thing I have the worlds largest bladder. (And I’m dead serious when I say that.. a surgeon who has seen it up close and personal told me so!)

You did us well, California.  You always do.  We can’t wait to see you again!

“Real” pictures on the beach are coming soon to a computer screen near you! ;)

xoxo, C

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2012 was a wonderful year for my family.  This year was filled with so much excitement, and growth, and positivity.  I hope to carry all of these things to 2013!

While I’ve been looking forward to 2013 and making lists and goals, I had to take a look back on 2012 to bid a proper farewell.

We started the year off right with a new do for me, and a trip to sunny California for New Years!

We took on the huge and extremely fun project of redecorating our house.

I somehow fell more in love with this man in 2012… and so did she.

 I spent my birthday at WPPI with my new-found soul sister, Ashley.

I discovered the beauty, wonder, and fun of having a 3-year-old girl.

…. and also embraced having an almost 2 year old.

In March, my bestie Haley came for her annual visit, after which we headed for our first ever sister trip to SLC for Chel’s 30th.

Easter was filled with lots of firsts.. first horse rides, first egg dyes, and first ocean sunsets for the girls.

 Yep, another trip to Cali.

 We enjoyed lots of yoga and the yard in spring.

And survived on homemade donuts and snow cone runs in the summer.

In June, we celebrated 4 years of marriage in Viva Las Vegas!

 We got creative with our dress-ups for the months it was too hot to play outside.

We spent more quality time together in the summer. Much of which was spent cuddling or swimming.

In July, we signed for our new house!

And celebrated with another trip to California… This time more for work.

When we got home, we settled into our new home and enjoyed our new backyard more than we knew was possible.

We celebrated this lady turning 2.

We loved on each other, chased storms and enjoyed the summer monsoons (and the friends they brought along)

And I enjoyed this view from my kitchen window while I prepared meals for our family.

At the end of August, we enjoyed ourselves an impromptu re-honeymoon in california (again) which turned out to be the best trip of my lifetime… and I met Joy Prouty which was definitely a highlight.

We enjoyed our sunday walks to church in the new neighborhood.

And some of us learned how to play the Indian Flute.

We spent most of our summer twirling in the backyard, walking to the splash park, wrestling around with our sister, and unwinding in the tubby before bed.

September marked the big annual rodeo, which is always a highlight.

And another California Adventure.

I celebrated success with booking sessions in New Orleans, visiting friends, and traveling farther than ever before.. by myself!

The blog got a new look, and to celebrate, so did I.

The highlight of my year had to have been watching this sweet sisterhood flourish right before my eyes.

I spent a wonderful few days with my best friend, during her last days of pregnancy.

And celebrated my first born turning 4!

I have been blessed beyond measure in this sweet life of mine.  This year my relationship with God has gotten stronger, and as a result, my relationship with my family has as well.  This was definitely one of the best years of my life and certainly the most adventurous.

Thank you for following me through this years journey.  I can’t wait to see what 2013 has in store for us!

xoxo, C

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