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better than you think

I am working on respecting my own personal boundaries.  This has been so hard for me to learn.  I’m really good at respecting other’s boundaries, but when it comes to myself I will say “yes” to everything, wear myself completely out, just to please those around me.  This is not healthy for me, my family, or my relationships.  I have learned that lesson the hard way this past year.

This week I’ve had to let a couple people down by saying “I can’t do that.  I do not have the time/resources/energy/priority available to assist with that.”  It’s hard for me to disappoint people.  It’s REALLY hard for me to disappoint people – especially people I love.

But here are a couple of people I did not let down this week….

 And they (along with their sisters and dad) are worth all the “no”s I’ll have to build up the courage to say.

I am feeling a bit anxious (#recoveringpeoplepleaser), but peaceful about the boundaries I’ve put in place this week.  I never want saying “yes” to something that’s not important to turn into saying “no” to something that is important.

I needed this reminder this week:

“Be peaceful. Believe in God and yourself. You are doing better than you think you are.” – Jeffrey R. Holland

See full talk HERE.

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life + style

Life : 

We have been beating the January blues with a quick road trip to freshen up our spirits, it was just what we needed.  We’ve got home projects starting again, hoping to actually finish this house of ours.  New floors will be going in, bathrooms remodeled, a couple other details and we will be good to go.  Finishing up the planning stages before we tackle it all. Woo!
I am more in love with having four kids than ever before.  Major has finally started sleeping, Grae is the funniest and cutest thing ever (balancing out her extreme spice), Stella has found her “thing” in gymnastics and twirls and flips around my house all day, Harlo has a real knack for piano filling my home with sweet little notes.. It seems we are in a real groove with life, and my heart feels like it’s doing the work it was made to do.  Other than the quickly passing time, I am in absolute heaven with this season I’m in.
Mr. Miller’s business just received the chamber of commerce “small business of the year” award, which feels like the biggest honor.  My husband is an honest, talented businessman and for him to get  publicly recognized for something so close to our hearts is so amazing.  Proud of him and the work he’s done these past 10 years.


Loungy, cozy style is how I’m getting through January.  I have actually really loved my decision to cut bangs – I feel like I’ve got a hairstyle going whether my hair is down and curled, or up in a messy bun.  Definitely been a welcome change.
Oversized sweaters are on a daily rotation.  Picked up some recently for 75% off at the gap outlet, and this cute one here is from Scout & Cloth.  I’ll be happy when warmer weather sets in, but I sure will be sad to have to tuck my big comfy sweaters away!
Black skinnies are Rockstars from Old Navy.. because seriously, $20 jeans.
Glasses I get asked about nonstop, firmoo!


Loving a super natural looking fresh face right now.  A quick highlight and contour (HAC) made simple with my maskcara pallet.  I’ve been keeping it simple on my eyes lining in oak eyeshadow with a little guilded on my upper lid.  I’m less than 5 minutes out the door.
If you’re needing help finding your right colors, shoot me an email to with a photo and I’ll color match you. ;)



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life + style



We have been coming off the family/holiday high this week.  I always dread the Monday after family leaves, but it’s not always terrible.  I do like getting my house back in order, slowing down a bit, and touching base with just my little crew.   I’ve tried not to plan much this week, and it’s been nice to take a little beat.

I am working on my daily habits! I used to work for a doctor who said often “we are a prisoner of our habits” and I know it’s true.  I’ve been trying to reset my internal clock to be more of a morning person (can that happen?? can you train yourself to become a morning person??), as well as make my bed each day, and give my house a once-over in the mornings.  I feel so much better when I do these things, but man alive… why is it so hard to make good habits stick, and so easy to pick up bad habits?? I’ll chat more about this as I continue on this journey, but I really feel strongly about being in control of your own life, and making good choices each day.  Time to put my money where my mouth is.

My Mr. Miller got a new church calling this week.  In our faith, for people who are willing to serve, they are prayed over and guided to specific “jobs” that serve our congregation.  Mr. Miller is no stranger to church service.  This  new calling will take up some time and effort on all our parts, but gosh, that guy makes it so easy to support.  I am one that serving others comes a little harder for (ex: I barely have time to wash my own hair – you want me to what??), but not Mr. Miller.  He thrives and enjoys serving God and others, and it is so good for me to witness.  I hope to be more like him in so many ways, and I’m so grateful he’s in my corner of the ring in this life.

Also note, as much as I respect and adore my Mr. Miller, sometimes I am out right ornery with him, and he does plenty of things that drive me crazy (like NEVER hanging the keys up on the key hook by the door).  I have gushed about him a lot this week, and so I feel it’s only fair to round it out with an honest representation of our relationship.  We can bicker and sarcastically jab each other all day, but at the end of the day (and especially when he’s not near me) I think very fondly of him. ;) Marriage can be tough, but it’s mostly the best.  Just always know that we are totally normal and like every single other couple in the world who fights about garbage chores, and how to spend the monthly budget. :P


Living in these turtle necks from Target.  Old Navy Rockstar jeans make it real easy on the budget when I’m moving in and out of jeans sizes like it’s my job (thank you pregnancy and post partum.. you are the weirdest).  And lace-up flats.. I think we discussed this in last week’s installment of life + style, in other words, where have you been all my life?


Cheers to a happy weekend, dear friends!!

ALSO! I am running an awesome giveaway for a micro blading session on my instagram with my brow babe @brows_out!  Head over there to enter!

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life + style


Life lately has been full!  Full days, full of kids, full schedules, full hearts.  I forget how much I love this time of year.  This week we have turned our heater on for the first time and I broke out my slippers!  My favorite thing is being cozy at home – slippers on my feet, a hot meal on my table, and a fire crackling in the fireplace.  Maybe I’m not as much of a summer girl as I thought I was. ;)  Truthfully, I fall in love with each season as it rolls past.  It’s like catching up with a new friend.  I forgot how happy and lovely and cozy fall was!

Since we rearranged bedrooms, Major has been sleeping so much better!  I am feeling like a new woman.  He has gone back to waking up once a night at 3:30 to eat – where before I couldn’t get him past midnight, then 2, then 4… So we are making progress for sure!  Speaking of that little honey man, he is about as nice as they get.  Days go by without him ever crying.  Which is good, because I think he’s the only kid in the house that is true for. ;)

Grae continues to shave years off my life in her own little ways – currently it’s finding pens, markers, pastels, etc. hiding around the house, and then displaying her artwork all over my living room.  For the love of Crayola, y’all.  I don’t even know what to do with that.  Remember my two perfect oldest girls who would have never DREAMED about coloring on furniture?  Yeah, I realize now it wasn’t my shining parenting keeping them from their artistic urges.  These babies come how they come, and Grae packs a punch wherever she goes.  I know she’s going to do good things in this world with that fire in her heart.. I just hope  I survive these days to see it. ha!

The big girls continue to grow at a rapid rate, they have moved on past princesses and dress-ups and now always want to do things like watch american girl youtube videos (Stella) or play roblox (Harlo) and beg for their own social media accounts and youtube channels and I just can’t even.  “It’s too fast!” I whine to Brady every single night, “They were babies yesterday, and they’ll be teenagers tomorrow.  Can’t we call someone?  Can’t we do something?  Do something!!” But mostly I’m just loving them in their stages, even though it breaks my heart how quickly they’ve gotten here.  Also, thanks to Chloe’s American Girl Doll Channel (or one of the many others..), Stella is asking for a trip to London for her 7th birthday, so there’s that.


I am officially in the thick of motherhood, where flats, and 5 minute hairstyles, and outfits I can sit on the floor in are my jam.  I’m not even mad about it.  Cozy sweaters are my soul mate, and lace-up ballet flats?  Are you even real?  Thank you for jazzing up my momiform, you darlings, you.  My top and sweater is from Scout & Cloth, and I’ve linked similar below.

**Sidenote: I am thinking of adding more video to the blog – like makeup tutorials, hairstyle ideas, day-in-the-life type stuff.  Is that of interest to you?  It really helps when you guys tell me what you like or want to hear more about, so leave a comment if there’s something specific you’d like me to chat about!

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family pictures 2016

This will be the first year with our family of six on our holiday cards, and I don’t know if I’ll ever get sick of seeing my whole (big) family squished into one frame.  Going through these, I was so amazed that we have built this life together, that we have created all these wonderful people together.  We are all doing life together, and loving, and learning, and living.  There is no greater blessing in this world than family, and I am eternally grateful for mine.


Thank you always to Ashley Flowers Photography
See our family video HERE.

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Like every other mother in America, my weekend was completely consumed with Halloween festivities.  I have decided that Halloween is the longest, busiest holiday for mothers – bar none.  I was feeling quite overwhelmed on Wednesday, as my festivities began, but my sister (Auntie) came to town to help me through the weekend.  I couldn’t have done it without the extra set of hands.

All my kids this year had their Halloween plans set in stone earlier than usual.  For months, Harlo waned to be Mal (from Disney Descendants) and Stella wanted to be Rapunzel… But then one night Harlo asked if she could maybe be Taylor Swift and it took about no time for Stella to get on board and be Katy Perry.  Grae, of course, wants all things Peppa all the time, and since Peppa has a baby brother, George, well… you know how this story ends.

I’m not the craftiest mother you’ve ever met, but I do believe that where there’s a will, there’s a way.  So we got our heads together to brainstorm some costumes and we made it happen.  I must say, they turned out way cuter than I had imagined.  The girls helped so much (Stella basically made her whole costume) and it came together so cute.  I was cussing Halloween on Wednesday when I was looking at four total days to dress up for different events, but I have to say that by the actual Holiday, my heart could barely handle all the cuteness.

 I always like to buy things for Halloween that they can wear again.  Grae’s peppa costume is just a little red dress from Old Navy and Hunters boots that I knew would become a quick favorite and get plenty of wear.  Harlo’s gold dress is from Target and will be a good staple for the holiday season.  We crafted the pig ears, Stella’s Katy Perry top, and guitar ourselves for cheap, so we spent pretty wisely this Halloween.  Costumes for a family of six can add up quick!

 Of course the school parade is a favorite tradition.  It’s always surreal to me that I am a mom of elementary aged kids when I go to help with parties and such.  I don’t feel old enough yet! ha.

 Loved having my sister here for my literal partner in crime.  As much as we love going to visit in California, it’s always fun to have our favorite part of California right here at home with us.

Can’t say I’m sad it’s over!  We took the day off today of everything to rest and recoup and we’re feeling ready to ring in November and all the magic of the holiday season!

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miller family video

I have been working on so many fun creative projects lately, but our family video has got to be my very favorite.  I can’t thank McKay from Legacy One Films enough for this gem!  I have had this idea for years, and he made it come to life in such a beautiful way.  This made our family pictures all the more sweet to capture us in this season.  I’ll be posting more beautiful pictures from this session with Ashley Flowers Photography next week! Basically, we have a dream team!  Can’t thank these talented creatives enough.

Miller Family Lifestyle Shoot – Fall 2016 from Legacy One Films on Vimeo.

McKay is offering $50 for my followers who book before December 15th!  I can’t recommend a family lifestyle video enough.  Check out to book and mention Cass Miller! xo

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Life + Style

It’s been a while since I have posted in my life and style series, and I have had a serious case of the post-partum frumps, so I will be making the extra effort to take care of myself, and touch base with myself once a week in this series!

Life :

We are feeling the slowness of fall wrap around us like a big cozy blanket.  I am a summer girl, so saying goodbye to summer is a bit bittersweet, but I do love these cozier days at home with my little ones.  I have gotten used to our new routine with school, homework, piano, chores.  I was dreading the girls going to school full day, but I seem to have found a rhythm to our day that works for us, and I have really enjoyed the mornings with my two littlest ones.

The weather has been so beautiful and I have been taking the babies for a long walk in the morning.  Major sleeps in the stroller, Grae is content and still for the first only time of the day, I listen to uplifting books or scriptures as I walk, and take in the beauty all around.  I have really grown fond of these morning walks.  They set my intention for the day and give my brain time to reset.

In the afternoons, when the babies wake from naps, we take to the porch and wait for the bus.  This is the happiest time of my whole day.  I love seeing my children miss each other and be reunited happily day after day.  We chat for a bit on the porch, then come in and as I start readying the kitchen for dinner prep, the girls do their homework, chores (tidy their room and living room), and practice piano.  After that, their time is free to play and rest to their little hearts content (ie: screen privilages…;) ).

We have crossed off the last bit of our summer bucket list, and will be creating a new holidays bucket list for the upcoming season.  First thing was dressing up our porch with pumpkins and mums.  We were lucky to have my best girl Ashley Flowers join us to snap a few pictures as we prepare for a new season.  When I see these pictures of myself out and about with my four little ones, teaching them to embrace the new season and to stop and smell the roses (or mums in this case), I feel such a sense of pride.  I never knew I would be capable of being a mom to four, but here I am.  Life is full and happy.

Style :

I get lots of questions of where we shop, so I’m trying something new to make it easier to shop our looks (or similar) when I post.  Let me know if you find it helpful!

My cute top is local from Scout & Cloth, the girls dresses aren’t new, but I’ve linked similar below…
Shop Similar –

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adjusting to four

I still can’t quite believe I have four children.  I have four children.  It even feels surreal to write.  For as long as I can remember I have wanted lots of babies and now I feel like I have them.

I will say that I do recognize a bit more fullness to our lives.  I have quickly remembered to embrace the not-so-much sleep stage.  Realizing that you never ever do get “caught up” after a sleepless night.  And I have sat down some evenings and realized I have not had a single second of my day when someone was not talking to me or touching me, and I feel quite overstimulated.

My transition to four has been much more graceful than my transition to three.  I think I have learned to embrace this chaos – because it’s chaos that I love so much.  It is overwhelming at times, yes, but it’s also the sound and sight and feeling of blessings all around.  Healthy kids who go to school, hilarious toddlers that burst your heart on the daily, a fully-functioning home stuffed with all your favorite people.  It’s such a good life, even though and because it it stocked so fully.

As my fourth newborn stage is quickly passing by, I know that these seasons are short – so short.  I know that I will be in a completely different chapter all too soon.  I have the excitement of a first time mom over my new baby, and the wisdom of a fourth time mom where I can worry so much less, and trust myself so much more.  Being a fourth time mama is a pretty sweet gig.  My days are full – Yesterday I went to kindergarten graduation, did laundry, changed 8 diapers (on two different bums), laughed with my big girls until we cried (over snapchat filters), fed everyone supper, took all the kids to Target to cash in some allowance money.  Ended the day laying on the grass, watched countless tricks on the trampoline, tended to two stomach aches, kissed 4 heads to bed, and nursed in between every last drop.

This is my favorite kind of busy.


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life + style

My style over the last year has gone through a serious frumpy stage.  Try as I might to keep those from sneaking up on me, they always do.  I cut my hair at a length I hated last year and it overtook my ability to feel cute or put together.  I find that if I put in the extra effort, I am still just balancing the fact that I feel like a frumpy housewife.  And that is not a good kind of housewife to be, no sir!

I have also found that frumpy stages are a good opportunity to grow and evolve from a current style.  Maybe the last style is no longer doing me any favors for my body type.  Maybe my inner self is not being reflected outwardly like I would like.  I am starting to feel myself come out of my mean case of “the frumps”, and I have been stepping out of my style comfort a bit which is always good.  Right now I’m playing around with jeans.  Long flared jeans, high waisted skinnies.. I love the longer look, and homegirl can have a help in the length department any day of the week.

These Joe’s jeans from blue linen are so comfortable and flattering.  I am also l-l-loving this long kimono/sweater.  I have found myself wearing it a weee bit too much.  It’s so comfortable and casual, with a bit of a dressed up feel.  That’s my favorite.

 (entire outfit from Blue Linen Boutique | photos : ashley flowers photography)

 This hairstyle is a go-to.  I simply pull my bangs and top hair back into a hairtie, backcomb the pony tail and twirl it around and pin.  That is my secret for any good top knot.  ;) Now if I can just get those baby bangs long enough to stay put, I may be officially out of the frumps! :D

Have a happy weekend! We Millers will be living it up at the Rodeo in town! Yeehaw!

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life + style

This week I have been down and out with a stomach virus. Yuck!  Nothing makes you feel more blessed with good health and energy than getting a virus to knock you down, I tell you what.  I am finally feeling on the mend today.  My poor blog has suffered because I haven’t even felt well enough to sit up to my computer this week.  Luckily, I seemed to have turned the corner and I’m feeling good today.

Today I am sharing a fun collab I did a few months back with Scout&Cloth.  One of my favorite online shops.  This dress is the best of the best.  It’s comfortable it’s tight to stretchy ratio is right on par, and it can be worn a million different ways, transitioning easily into fall.  I am obsessed! Get it in the shop today.  It is a staple you do not want to miss out on!

I am showing it styled up two different ways.  One is a way I’d wear to church, or on a dressy date night.  The other, I’d wear out and about with my kids during the week.  I LOVE having pieces like this in my closet.

 Enjoy your weekend! I will hopefully enjoy feeling WAY WAY better than I have this week.  Fingers crossed!


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life + style | blue linen boutique

I recently had the opportunity to collaborate on some outfits with blue linen boutique – which is easily my favorite store here in St. George.  They have such cool pieces and such a great style to their entire store.  Working with them has been a dream. Blue Linen always has cool one of a kind pieces in their shop and doesn’t restock a lot, so it’s fun to always know you have some unique pieces.  That’s one of my favorite things about their store.

I am also jumping on the bandwagon of bringing the long flared jeans back.  All my other 5’3 ladies know what I’m saying.  Faking legs for days? Count me in! I have also adopted the flowy tops as my staple.  After having 3 babies – it sure is nice not having to worry about my mom skin being tucked in every second. ;)

I have also realized in this season of my life, I really like to feel a bit put together, no matter what I’m doing.  I love when a simple shirt and jeans can do the trick.  This blouse with the lacy top makes me feel a little more done up than a regular T.  I always layer it up with a necklace and some bracelets to feel a bit more myself and a little less sloppy.  It really is crazy what a little jewelry can do for an outfit.

Photos taken by my favorite lady Ashley Flowers.  Book with her now. You won’t be sorry!

I’ll be sharing more styled outfits from BLB, but until then, if you’re in the St. George area – go check them out! You can also order through their instagram if you’re not local. :)

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life + style

things making me happy this week:
summer monsoons
new grass in the backyard
fresh swigs
giggly girls
dance parties in my living room
long sister conversations
dating my lover
new pink lipstick

It is good to be a lady!

TOP c/o Scout&Cloth
SKIRT c/o Scout&Cloth
HAIR : Bellami Hair Extentions
photos : Ashley Flowers

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life + style

We are surviving the HOT days of summer. This week it was 115 at one point.  OUCH!  Yesterday, we were so hot we decided the pool was the only remedy.  I dove in waiting for the refreshment to kick in – the pool was 90 degrees. Blah.  There is no keeping cool in 115 degrees, I tell you what.

I have really grown to love where I live, though.  We have a great community surrounding us and we live in such a beautiful place.  Even the heinous heat has it’s charm.  I tell you, there is nothing better than a fresh rain over a hot desert.  It makes up for the scorching heat any day of the week.

We are 3/4 of the way done with our big back yard renovation.  I am soooo excited to have it done and to make memories on the patio, entertaining, playing, riding bikes, playing basketball, jumping on the tramp, swinging on the tree swing… I know my girls will love growing up with a great backyard.  I am so excited! (did I say that already?)  The curbing just got finished and the sod will come Monday!  After that we just have a few loose ends to tie up and a lot of styling and summer livin’ to do.  It will be so nice! We have a wonderful crew working round the clock to get this done for us in this blazing heat.  I sure have a whole new appreciation for the landscaping profession!  What hard work!

Because of the heat, I am surviving on lots of skirts.  I can barely stand to look at skinny jeans, and I’m not much of a shorts wearer, so skirts and dresses are my summer remedy.  I have also recently teamed up with one of my favorite favorite shops Scout and Cloth along with my talented best girl Ashley Flowers Photography to bring to you some awesome styled shoots.  I am basically working on having a closet full of scout and cloth because every single piece is awesome and unique and oozes with flavor.  This outfit is my new favorite outfit.  I am refraining from wearing it every single day of the week.  Also, I feel I am teaching my daughters a very important lesson that you are NEVER too old to wear a tutu. ;) 

outfit c/o : Scout&Cloth | Hair : Bellami Extentions | Photos : Ashley Flowers

 Also! Did you notice my hair grew two feet since I chopped it last fall?  Just kidding, I just plunged into the world of clip-ins and I am IN LOOOOOOOVE.  I am hoping to share a lot of fun styles and ways I’m using my clip ins. :)


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life + style

 I love slow summer days.
Wake up late and have no where to rush to.
Hair up and messy.
Fresh swigs to cool down.
Happy creative kids making messes all over my house. (sorta love/hate)
Quiet afternoons.
Family dinners with discussions of summer plans and backyard ideas.
Cousins in town.
Swimsuits are the norm.
Summer life is a good life.

 jeans : ae | top : scout&cloth | shoes : forever young | bracelets : alex & ani

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