This morning I slipped out of bed early (between a sleeping Mr. Miller, Grae, and Finn) to go to our favorite Starbucks (in our old hood), and our favorite donut spot (smiths bakery).  I got back in time to hang the birthday banner, stack the donut platter, and deliver a delicious beverage in bed to one thirty-four-year-old birthday boy.

Birthdays are special days around here.  It doesn’t matter if you’re the dad, or the baby.  Turning 4 or 34 or 104.  We believe everyone needs a bit of that birthday magic on their birthday!

This morning, the girl’s writing journal prompt was to name three things they loved about their dad for his birthday.  I loved what they came up with.  These girls are IN-LOVE with that daddy of theirs, and my goodness, so am I.

Happiest of birthdays to our one true love.  The one who thinks my “extra” is just exactly enough.  The rock that holds us steady from life’s storms.  The guy who puts the elbow grease into building this dream of ours.

We love you, Mr. Miller!