I am super excited about a new project the mormon channel is working on to bring us incredible stories from incredible people.  I have been flipping through as many as I can in these last few days, and my heart is being filled to the tippy tippy top!

When I was new to faith, (and I mean.. new to God, new to even praying, not just new to a new religion) I really wanted to know what faith even looked like to real people.  Is this something everyone is doing?  How has this changed and affected people really?  This curiosity is what drives me to now talk about faith on this blog and in my real life in an effort to spread hope.  I continue to thirst for answers and inspiration in other peoples stories.  I love that we ALL bring something different to the table in regards to our own faith.  It really is an incredible thing.  If you are looking for a little boost in life, love, and spirituality – be sure to click on over to the Hope Works channel, and I promise you will find it.

This morning I listened to Tiffany Webster’s talk on The Perfect Lie.. my goodness, WE ALL NEED TO HEAR THIS.  I will be playing this over and over this week to make sure I get every last drop of wisdom from it.

And if you need me to remind you how God took my own broken life and made it into something completely new, and whole, and wonderful… let this picture be that.

 photo by Ashley Flowers Photography