Yesterday I woke up, got my big girls off to school in time to catch the bus.

I made a list of meals and ingredients I would need at the store this week.

I got ready for the day, and headed to the grocery store (thanks for keeping me company, liz!).

I bought my family’s few weeks worth of groceries, Grae girl in tow (breaking into the crackers and applesauce packets all the way..).

I loaded the groceries in my car and headed to my midwife appointment.  (All good things.)

After my appointment I unloaded the groceries from my car, cleaned out the fridge and put everything away, and got Stella off the bus.

Then I made lunch.

I put Grae down for a nap, and got to work.

I wrote a post, edited some pictures from a recent session, caught up on emails.

Grae was up soon, and Harlo was home shortly after.

I helped the girls with their homework, and read a bit out of the Ensign.

Then I straightened up the kitchen to prepare for dinner.

I made one of Mr. Miller’s favorites for family night – beef enchiladas.

My mom came for dinner, so we sat around the table chatting for a while, then cleaned up the kitchen.

Tossed the babes in the tub and got them ready for bed.

After each lady had been tucked in, the doors locked, and the dishwasher started, I realized that I hadn’t felt sick all day.

I had my first very normal, accomplished day of this pregnancy.  And that felt so good.

It has been hard on me to be so sick for these four months, and I was discouraged about the heavy load I couldn’t carry.

But here I am now, doing a fine job.

I’m coming back!

-17 weeks-