My sweet, sweet , SWEET Grae Girl.
Oh my word, this baby is the most scrumptious thing I think I’ve ever laid my eyes on.
Grae is getting so much personality – she is so silly all the time!
She is constantly giving us these scrunch-nosed smiles that are sweet enough to kill.
She has gotten so much easier these last couple months.  She’s not as demanding and is much more laid back.
She is now crawling, crawling, crawling all over the place.
She is also pulling up to whatever she can.. the side of the highchair, the toy baskets in the living room, my legs…
Yesterday I set her down to do my makeup and turned around and she was gone.  I looked around my room, then in the hall, then started getting a little stressed when I heard some rustling in the girl’s room.  She had made her way clear down the hall and into their closet. Ha!
No matter what she’s doing, if I say “rawr!” she will turn and try to run away from me, giggling all the while.
She thinks her sisters are an absolute blast.
They can get her giggling and smiling and shrieking quicker than anyone else.
She’ll let Harlo tote her all around, get her out of her high chair, get her up from her crib.  It’s amazing how patient she is with Harlo.
Stella… is another story.  She loves Stella and can tell she’s the silly sister, but as soon as Stella gets too close, she’s whining to get away.
Stella is a lover, what can I say.  And for a baby, Stella might be just a little too much of a lover. 😉
Grae has recently taken such a liking to her dad.
Oh my word, melt my heart.
Each baby I swear my love for Brady grows times a thousand.
Watching him with our girls, and especially our tender little baby just melts me into a puddle.
As soon as she hears Brady walk in the door, she is all eyes for Daddy – always trying to get his attention.
I have noticed when he used to sit the high chair by me, now he’s sitting it over by him.
Oh my heart, that Daddy.
A little update on her (lack of) sleeping.. After weeks of no sleep and utter desperation, I took her to the chiropractor.  She was constipated, teething, tugging at her ears and not sleeping at alllll.
He took a look at her, felt around her neck and said “Is she constipated?” Yes. “Does she sleep on her tummy?” Yes. “Has she been pulling at her ears at all?” Yes.  He did a small little adjustment in her neck and said “that should fix that.”  I couldn’t believe my eyes.  He explained how this place in her neck was obviously out of place, it was probably hurting her when she would try to move her neck at night since she’s a tummy sleeper and that’s what was causing her to wake up every 30 minutes.  He also explained that that part of the neck is directly intact with the intestines and that when the neck is cramped up, the intestines usually follow suit.  Also, when the neck is out like that, sometimes it causes fluids to build up in the ears.  Having it adjusted drains the ears immediately.  It all made perfect sense and I was hopeful, albeit skeptical about how this magical adjustment would solve all of our issues.
That night, I put her to bed at 7:30… she slept til 6am.  And the next night, and the next.  Oh my stars, I tell you – I am a believer.  She has also been pooping without any issue.  It’s like magic.
HUGE shout out to Dr. Sorenson at Advanced Care Chiropractic.
Now that Grae is back to (better than) normal, I am having him work his magic on my poor shifted sacrum that was assaulted during my first child birth. 😉
Grae has become a great little eater.  She can pretty much eat whatever we are eating.  She eats meals with us and has packets of organic fruits and veggies in between.
She loves her teeth and anything you hand her, she will gingerly bite into it with her front teeth.  Puffs, crackers, you name it.  The tiny little teeth marks in everything is enough to do me in!
She won’t watch TV for long, but she loves Doc McStuffins.  Whenever she hears the opening song she will stop dead in her tracks and start dancing.
She has really been noticing music lately.  She loves when we all dance in the kitchen – which is our daily dinner-making routine.
She’ll squeal and laugh and dance along with us in her high chair.
She always does well for the babysitter, but as soon as I walk in she’ll burst into tears as to say “You left meeeee!”
Such a little drama girl. 🙂
I just finished hanging up all of her stuff in her bedroom.  She has taken a quick liking to the birdie mobile that used to hang in Stella’s nursery.
It melts my heart with memories from Stella at this age.  Every day she waves and waves to her birdies and wants to gently touch them.
My favorite part of the day is getting her up from her naps.  Every time, she lays her head on my shoulder and pat-pat-pats my back.
Oh my heart, this baby.
She is just too dang sweet.
I am the luckiest.