Grae is just the sweetest little thing you’ve ever laid your eyes on.
She is head to toe perfection, if I do say so myself.
She weighed 11 lbs 9 oz at her 4 month appointment.
She seems to have a little heart murmur that we’re keeping an eye on.  The doctor isn’t too concerned about it and says could resolve itself over time.
Everything checks out great, so we’ll just keep on doing as we’re doing.
She is in size 2 diapers still but I think the next package will be a size 3.
Her 0-3 clothes are finally starting to get snug on her length-wise.
I bought 6-9 month jammies thinking I would buy a size up, but they drown her! She’s just a petite little thing.
Over the last couple months, she has turned into this super smiley, super happy, easy going little babe.
She can now roll from her back to her tummy which is amazing considering she’s rarely put down.
She loves to jump and kick her legs all the time.
Whenever she’s excited, her little legs are just a kickin’ away.
In the middle of the night when I feed her, she’ll kick her little legs against mine until she falls back to sleep.
She’s a decent sleeper.  She goes to bed around 9 and stays in her cradle until about 1:30-4 and then gets in bed with me and nurses off and on the rest of the night.  She usually sleeps in until about 9.
She takes mostly little cat-naps throughout the day.  Poor third child is raised on the go, getting a little shut eye wherever she can.
She is still nursing well, but is getting to the very distracted phase.
If there’s anything going on, she has to be in the conversation and wont stay latched.
This makes nursing anywhere but home a little tricky.
At home with me she likes to eat, and chat, eat, and chat.
She is definitely a snacker and just wants to nurse off and on for short feedings throughout the day.

She is a super smiley girl!  You barely have to look at her to get a good grin.
She makes us work for the giggles though.  So far only Harlo has really got her to gut-laugh.
She’s such a good sport.  She is toted and carried and mauled by these sisters of hers all day long.
She just loves them to pieces though and puts up with a lot.
She has definitely showed a keen liking to Harlo.
Second only to mama, Harlo is her favorite.
Harlo is so good with her too, I love watching their relationship.  All the girls really, how the dynamic of the family is and how each of their relationships are different from each other.
Grae is getting stronger by the minute.
She is much more stable sitting up, but not sitting unassisted yet.
She’ll stand on your lap when you hold her.. until she starts jumping.
She will now reach for me when she wants me to hold her (swooooon!)
She’ll reach and grab something you’re giving to her.
She has started to like rattles and anything that makes noise.  The plastic wipe packages are also a fave.
She pays more attention to Itty these days and will grab at her a bit when she’s close enough. (Itty’s least favorite stage of babyhood.)
She seems to be getting a little more interested in what we’re eating, but I’m still not quite ready for solids.
She will officially not take a bottle.  This should be interesting! (Any tips?)
She’s just on the verge of being able to hold on my hip.
She is working really hard on filling out some little rolls on her leggies.

She is wanting to talk so bad and will say “hi” sometimes when she can get it out.
I’ll tell her “mama” and her little mouth will mimic the movement, but she can’t quite put the sound with it.
She’s so dang sweet!
I enjoy all the stages, but this is really a stage I enjoy so much!
She’s not so fragile anymore so we can rustle her around a bit when we play.
Her little personality is just starting to blossom.
Her eyes are staying a heavenly blue, it seems.
Someone pinch me!

This little Golden girl is just the absolute best.
We sure love her to pieces.