I have been refreshing my usual go-to’s and thought I’d share my current faves.  Being that I’m pregnant with very hormonal skin and very low energy levels, these 5 items have saved my fabulosity over the last few months.  Here’s a little break-down…

Basis face wash – cheap and amazing! Over the last year I have been on a search for clearer skin.  I have used cetaphil, proactiv, dove bar soap and now finally found Basis.  Basis has changed it all for me.  It a very gentle cleanser that doesn’t leave me super dry after 2 days (proactiv) but it makes my skin feel super clean and not filmy (like dove) and it washes off my make-up (unlike cetaphil).  I started using it maybe 5 weeks ago and my skin has cleared up and looks and feels amazing.  If you’re in the market for a fresh new wash, I totally recommend.  And it’s impossibly cheap and available at walmart! Score.

It! Cosmetics CC cream – I have heard wonderful things about this product and finally decided to try.  I have loved the Garnier BB cream for months, but started feeling like it was causing some break-outs for me.  I switched over to this FULL COVERAGE cc cream and my life has been made.  There are so many reasons why I like it.. full coverage without feeling heavy, very spreadable, great tone, and has only aided in my journey to clear skin.  At $38 a bottle (a bit cheaper on qvc) it’s not the cheapest of my products, but if you have temperamental skin, you know that a good foundation is worth the price if it doesn’t bother you.  What I’m saving on my face wash, I can splurge on my foundation. 😉 You can get this at Ulta or online at QVC. (I use medium color.)

Maybelline Dream Bouncy Blush – I’ve talked about this blush before, but it’s still my favorite.  I use the fresh pink color, but really want it in every color.  It makes my skin look so fresh and dewy.  When people say “Oh, you have that pregnancy glow” I’m always thinking in the back of my head, “It’s either sweat… or my blush.” 😉

Flower lip crayons – Oh wow.  These are seriously so awesome.  My sister Ali introduced me to these wonderful little tools and I have quickly become obsessed.  They’re so versatile! You can lightly line it for just a quick stain look, or layer it on for a full coverage bold lip.  And it stays put for days!  I also have an issue with lipstick drying my lips out, but these don’t at all.  Seriously worth the trip to Walmart.

Stila In The Light pallet – There is no way to freshen up your make-up rut quite like a fresh new eye shadow pallet.  I had gotten into such a boring place with my eye make-up and this was the perfect way to revive my look.  Brady and the girls got this for me for my birthday and the thought of him our two girls at Ulta trying to pick me something out just makes me swoon.  I’m sure they were the heart throb of every woman in the place.  But back on subject, if you haven’t ever used a nice eye shadow, you don’t know what you’re missing.  These colors are so rich and just glide on like butter.  I am in love with the colors and endless possibilities.  If you’re in the market for a new pallet, this is a faaabulous one.

So here are my fave spring refreshers if you’re looking to do a little freshening up in the ol’ caboodle.  😉