This week is mine and my beloved’s 5th wedding anniversary.  To celebrate this occasion, I am recounting our love story this week on the blog. (if you followed my old blog last year, you’ll have already heard this but I thought it would still be fun)

Did you know how Mr. Miller and myself fell blissfully in love? Well let me just tell you…

Our sisters were across-the-street neighbors. One day they had a brilliant idea to set their little siblings up on a date. I, being the difficult young adult I was at the time, declined a blind date but agreed to giving him my number. (through our sisters, of course) But obviously before that I had to ask all the single-lady-stats, “Is he cute? Is he nice? Is he tall? Is he weird?” you know, all the important questions.

A few days later our relationship began via text message. (the romance!) We realized we had several friends in common and had a lot to talk text about.

A few days later, nearing the weekend, the kind sir asked me out on a date. Olive Garden! (which had just opened) The days preparing for our date, I had my hair cut and purchased a new outfit for the occasion, a cute white shirt with a grey jacket over it and super cute, super high white pumps. (through our texting, I discretely found out he was 6’1 so I know I’d be safe with 5 inch heels.)

At 6:58pm on Saturday, March 11th 2007, Mr. Brady Miller knocked on my front door to pick me up for our first date. He wore a light blue button-up, un-tucked, with the sleeves rolled and jeans with nice golf-style white shoes. (my sisters always taught me that real men always wear nice shoes.. this was the first sigh of relief for the night) He was a sight for sore eyes, if I do say so myself.
I climbed into his very high dodge truck, praying silently that I wouldn’t slip and fall with my 5 inch pumps.

We arrived at a very busy Olive Garden and waited for a half hour to sit down. The time flew by though because we had so much to talk and laugh about. He was handsome, charming and so easy to talk to. He would make a really cute husband I silently though to myself in my head, although I would have never admitted thinking that to anyone.

After I finished up my ravioli d’portabello, we headed out. It was still relatively early and I was in no way near ready for our date to end, apparently neither was Brady because he suggested we go to our mutual friend’s house to watch a movie. When we got there, our friends were busy putting their kids to bed so we sat down to pick out a movie. Being the gentlemen he was, he let me pick.

“Dirty Dancing?” I suggested, “Never seen it.” He replied. After a brief moment of shock, and explaining that it was my favorite movie of all time, we decided to watch it. I snuggled in on the couch next to him, wrapping my arm around his. By this time, we felt like old pals. Oh, and he liked Dirty Dancing just as much as I thought he would.

At the end of our date, we pulled into my drive-way where he got out and assisted me out of his truck, and walked me to the front door to make sure I got in safely. (No kissing on the first date, what kind of girl do you think I am!?)

But if you must know, there was a kiss on our second date, and it’s safe to say, I saw fireworks.