This little two-almost-three year old of mine is honestly the best.

People are constantly falling head over heels with Stella.  I don’t blame them one bit.
She is so dang easy to love.
She has more personality in her tiny body than she knows what to do with.
Her facial expressions have become the highlight of my instagram.

Stella is head to toe toddler perfection.
She has just enough sweet to counterpart her spice.   Maybe just a smidge more on the spice side. 😉
I am convinced that Heaven smells just like the back of Stella’s neck, under her golden hair.
She is a little snuggle buggle.  Always climbing up in my lap and nestling in tight.
She usually prefers to snuggle me than play with any amount of friends available.
Since she was a new baby, she’ll suck her fingers, touch her boo to her nose and hum with me.
This is her utmost comfort and we do it to this day.
I know she’s almost 3, but I still feel like she’s my brand new baby.  I’m not sure this will ever change.
She has the quirkiest little personality and is seriously such a ham.
Her bedhead gets my heart racing.


She is a little sasser!
Doesn’t mind being in trouble one bit.  So different from her sister that way.
When I get after her for something like “Stella, we do not hit our sister!” She’ll say back to me, “OKAY!” like a sassy teenager.
If I ask her for something like, “Stella, come here and talk to me,” and she doesn’t want to, she’ll say “NO-OOOH!” in a half singing voice.
It always has to be her idea, no matter what it is.
If she’s in timeout and I say “are you ready to come say sorry?” she’ll always say “nope.” and stay in timeout until it’s HER idea.
It’s impossible to stay mad because she’s so dang sassy and funny.
She’s also impossibly sweet.
Always stopping by to give me a little kiss or tell me she loves me.
She’s become so observant and will compliment us all the time.
Any time Harlo gets ready for the day, she’ll always tell her, “You look like a princess, Harlo!” or “Wow Harlo! You look so prettiful!”  This makes Harlo’s entire life I’m pretty sure.
She’ll usually always do what I ask, let Itty out, go find this or that, get my drink on the table, etc.
But of course if she doesn’t want to, she’ll just tell me “NO-OHH!”
When she has her mind made up about something, there’s pretty much no changing it.

exibit A: the minnie mouse costume
(not even close to Halloween) 

For the past two weeks Stella has insisted on wearing the minnie mouse costume almost everyday.
It pretty much makes my life complete.
Yes, out and about.. to Target, to brunch, anywhere we need to go.
I get stares from parents thinking I’m irresponsible.
I get stares from children thinking I’m awesome.
I don’t care.  It makes her happy and I love it.
She is so spunky and the costume is just the icing on the cake.
The way she talks is the best.
She has her own little accent and after spending an hour with her, you can’t help but talk in her accent too.
She can’t pronounce her R’s (which Brady struggled with when he was young and I secretly prayed one of our kids would too because it’s so cute)
If it starts with an R she’ll pronounce it W: “Wainbow”
If it ends in an R she’ll pronounce it Uh: “Stella Mill-uh”
If an R is in the middle of the word, she’ll skip right over it: “Hah-lo” (Harlo)
This is particularly delicious when she gets my hair caught between her fingers, her boo attracts my hair like nothing else, then she sucks on her fingers and snuggles her boo so my hair is always getting wrapped up in her soggy little sucky fingers.
Ten times a day, she’ll bring it to me, “Mommy, heeya’s your hai-ay” (here’s your hair).  Like I’ve lost it and she’s returning it to it’s rightful owner.
She loves “Gwammy” and just melts Grammy’s heart right into a puddle at any given time.
Her leg kicking has become her trademark.
Anytime she talks to someone, she’ll kick her little legs out or dance around a bit.
Like talking with her hands, but talking with her feet.
If she gives you a hug, she will most certainly kick her little leg up behind her.
She doesn’t like when Harlo gets in trouble and will always say, “mom, why are you being rude to Harlo?” if I ever scold her.
These sisters gang up on me like no other.  Always sticking up for each other.
I hope this never changes.
She continues to be a good eater.  She’s slightly more picky now but will usually always eat at least a little of what’s in front of her.
She has become super picky about what she wears.  Just as Harlo’s easing up on me!
She has also become picky about what color her bowl is, which spoon she’s using, how she has her hair, what sippy cup she has…
She’s also painfully impatient.
When she wants something, she will ask a MILLION times until you get it for her.
The girl is persistent!
She is a rebel by nature, just like her mama.
The thought of this one going through her teens has me wincing already.
I love that she’s spunky though and I hope to raise her to embrace those qualities and not fight against them.
I love her rebellious nature, too.  As much as it’s turning my hair grey, I know it’s a great quality for a lady to have. (or at least that’s what I tell myself. 😉 )
This child of mine is such an abundant light.
She brings fun to wherever she is.
Our life would seem colorless without her.
She owns half of my heart and completes me to the fullest.
I am beyond grateful she’s my child.  My baby forever.