(Do you wonder when I’ll start shooting with my real camera again and stop relying fully on instas?  Me too.)

It’s been a while since I posted tidbits on this little lovey.

Stella… Oh my Stella.

She has acquired quite the slew of nicknames, Stelly, Joli, Booli, Stoli, Della, Joey, Jo-Jo, Johanny, Stella-babe, Juney… the list goes on.

She’s about as scrumptious as they come.

Her cushy little legs are getting longer by the minute.

Her pouty little lips and cutest little nose make me more crazy as the days go by.

Her whispy little hair basically has me undone.

Stella has more personality in her tiny finger than most people have in their entire bodies.

She is always quick to say hi to anyone, engage in conversation with no problem, putting on a show for anyone who stops by.

She’ll sing on demand, taking songs by request.

She holds the hearts of many.

Plain and simple, she’s just so damn cute.  I can’t even handle.

The way she talks is basically the best thing ever.  At this house, fluent Stella is our language of choice.

She’ll always suggest something and say, “is that a good iplan?” mixing idea and plan.

When she does something naughty she says, “I’m just beteasing!” mixing pretending and teasing.

She calls her bedroom “my libing room.”

She asks questions like this always, “can I play dress ups, or no?” “Is daddy home, or no?” “Is it dinna time, or no?”

She’s constantly showing me things with a “ta-da!” I hear “ta-da!” about 40 times a day. 🙂

She loved her stocking at Christmas and talks about it all the time, best part is that she calls it her “pink sockin'”.   I would pretty much leave them up year round to keep hearing her say “sockin'”.

She loves her nails painted, but we always have to skip her two fingers that she sucks or they don’t last more than a few hours.

Boo continues to be her staple in life.

She certainly loves her mama.  There seems to be somethin’ special about that mama.

She loves her daddy and has him wrapped around her little finger, they have a relationship I can’t touch.

But when it comes time for bed, or for snuggles.. that’s mama’s job.

Speaking of the little snuggler, she continues to come in our bed in the night.

This is where I have no idea what to do.  We’ve tried walking her back to her room again, and again, and again.. but those nights we seem to just stay up pretty much all night.

The best remedy is letting her fall asleep then taking her back.. but even that isn’t a guarantee she’ll stay.

Do any of you have experience/tips with this?  I’d love some ideas!

The good news is, I kinda like that she comes in to snuggle. 😀

She’s such a little boss.

If she comes upon anything messy or broken, she always wants to know, “who did this?!”

She never withholds her affection.  She is such a lover!

She is constantly at my side.  No matter what I’m doing.

She wants to help, she wants to “hold jew”, she wants to be up in my business all the time.

She continues to have the healthiest appetite of anyone I know.

She’s been sick with the pukes the last few days and the hardest part has been keeping her on fluids only to help her stomach settle.

Who wants to eat all sorts of things when they’re throwing up everything?  Stella.  That’s who.

Obviously, I can’t starve the child when she’s begging for food so we keep thinking we’re on the mend then have another episode.  I think it’s just because she wont stop eating and let her stomach calm down.

She’s officially out of pull ups at night time, and any other time.  I haven’t wanted to post anything to jinx myself, but we’ll roll with it.

She misses Auntie terribly all the time.  She’ll always say, “mama, I wanna see auntie.. it’s okay, she will come back!” reassuring herself.

Poor little goose.  She sure loves that Auntie.

She is always down for the grandparents, but Grammy seems to be her goofy kindred spirit.

Every morning she asks for “peash ogurt” (peach yogurt) as soon as she cracks her eyes open.  followed by a “be-nana”, followed by “appleshaush”, followed by “a nola bas” (granola bar).

She isn’t pronouncing her Rs, “bwady” for Brady, “Milla” for Miller.  Her daddy had the same speech issue and the cuteness of that about keels me over.  I think it’s too early to be concerned, but it sure is cute.

Her hair gets more mullety by the days.  She wont really let me do much to it these days, so I think we’ll be chopping it off into a little bob.  I just have to talk the daddy into that one. 😉

She is definitely my mischievous child.

If I can’t see or can’t hear Stella, I better get running.

Usually Harlo keeps her in check, though.

She doesn’t mind being disciplined in the slightest… until I ground her from boo.  That’s the only way we cold stop the hair pulling in this house.  She got grounded maybe twice and she was DONE with that nonsense.

She is also completely unphased by germs.  We try to tell her, but that child.. she’s disgusting.  She’ll lick the bottom of her shoes, she’ll eat anything off the ground, she’ll touch the worst places you’ve ever seen.

Giving her dad a heart attack all the while.

Her favorite books right now are The Bunny and The Egg (which is like 60 years old..) and Itchy, Itchy Chickenpox.  (which was my childhood favorite)

Her favorite show right now is Doc McStuffins or Minnie’s Bowtique.

Her favorite color is “pink like my boo”.

Her best friend is “Harro”.

Stella adds so much light into our home.

I often wondered what I ever did in this world without her.

She was the perfect little spirit to join our family.

I will always be eternally grateful that she got to come to me.

I love this little lady.