When we eat dinner as a family, we like to talk about our favorite part of our day and the least favorite part of our day.  I hope to carry this on until the girls are grown and gone.  I hope to keep communication as open as possible in my home, and I believe that starts from the very beginning.

Today had a lot of peaks and pits throughout it.

It started out with a pit of the girls trying to sneak into bed at 4:30am.. and again at 5:20am… and again at 6:10am.  I barely fell back to sleep in time to wake back up for the day.  Never a favorite way to start the day.
Although the slight peak to that, that we’ve been giggling about all day, is Stella my manipulative 2 year old saying, “mom, I just meed to talk to you for a minute!” to buy herself some time before she had to go back to bed.  Then saying “mom, you’re hurting my feelings!” as I walked her back to her own room.  Ugh!  That baby knows how to wrench my heart.  A little too well….

A peak was deciding I needed to take a morning off of work and clean my house.  This might sound like a pit to every other mother, but I have been so busy and so much of the housework has fallen on Brady.  I just don’t feel like I’m being my best me when I’m not taking care of things.  It felt so good today to load and unload my dishwasher, get a few loads of laundry done, clean the bathrooms, pick up, make beds, open windows…. I started to feel a little bit like me today, not just a working zombie.
The pit to that is now I’m a little behind on my posts and edits.  I’m getting by on your prayers alone, so keep them coming!

Another peak was getting a lunch date and errands with Mr  Miller.  He’s so good for trying to fit us into his schedule.  We get lucky when sometimes we have to go to the same places, like the post office, so we try to trip together.  I feel so content running around doing errands with my whole family.
The pit to that was when Mr. Miller had to head back to work and I had to brave the dollar store, Michaels and Target all on my own with the ladies to birthday party shop.  Remember how great my girls are to shop with?  Yeah, I would pretty much become a hermit just to never leave my house again.  Harlo is a good little shopper.  I actually prefer to take her over going alone, but Stella… oh Lordy, my Stella.  That girl is preparing me for a long life of patience, I tell you what.

Although a peak was wearing red lipstick today and every time Harlo would look at me she would say “oh mom, you look so pretty with that lipstick!” and Stella kept asking for kisses so she could have some of my red lips too.  She’d kiss me then smack and smack her lips and ask me if she looked “so prettiful?”

A pit was skipping nap time because it makes bedtime such a dream, but no matter how hard I try, I cannot get around 4:00.  Oh 4:00, I wish you would never ever come to my house.  That couple of hours is the longest. of. my. life.  Oh sweet Heaven, help me!  There was no way in the world  I was getting one thing done or ready from 4-6 with the whine squad right at my feet.

Do your kids turn into their naughty alter ego at a certain time of day?  I’m trying to devise a master plan….

A peak was sweet neighbors bringing over cookies to get us through that last half hour.  I have dreamed my whole life of living in a neighborhood where neighbors know each other and bring over cookies.  In our last neighborhood that we lived in for almost 4 years, I had never met one neighbor.  Not either side of my  next-door-neighbors or anyone else.  Every time I have an unexpected knock at my door from a nice neighbor, I pretty much die and go to heaven.

A peak, the highest peak of everyday, is when that Mr. finally gets home!  I have to refrain from trampling over my girls to get to him first.  Oh that glorious face after the 2 hours I’ve just had with the ladies… It’s the best sight I’ve ever seen.

A pit was begging the girls to eat their dinner, but a peak was a speedy (and early!) bedtime.  Oh, that bewitching hour pays off someway!

And speaking of best sight I’ve ever seen.. second only to Brady’s face after a long day on the home front, this sight has got to be my favorite:

I’ve never met two sisters who love each other so much.  No matter how naughty they are at the store, or how much they whine from 4:00pm-6:00pm.. I’m so glad they’re mine.

I hope you had a fabulous Monday!

xo, C