This weekend, my love finally took me to see Breaking Dawn part 2.

Am I the only one who gets seriously depressed about a series ending?  I can’t tell you how many books I haven’t finished the last chapter in because I’m too sad about it ending.  I get attached to the characters and their stories.  Are you embarrassed for me that I’m telling you this right now?

But the ending of the Twilight Saga is bittersweet… mostly bitter, but a little sweet.  I read all the books in the last part of my pregnancy and into new mommyhood.  Every time I see a a movie or listen to the soundtrack (what?)  it takes me right back to that place.  Such a sweet sweet time in my life.  I remember going to the first movie (two days before I delivered Harlo) and thinking, “in the last movie.. I’m going to have a four year old!” it seemed so weird then.  It seemed so far away!  And here I am…  It was a simpler time, before everyone got all “50 shades”.

So here’s to the end of the sweet love story of Bella and Edward (Oh, Edward, my sweet!)

Is anyone else mourning the loss?


xo, C