Do y’all know about bloglovin’?

It’s my latest obsession.

Here’s why it’s awesome for everyone.

Pretty much, it’s an organized place for you to follow the blogs of your choice, and it will send you an email (right away or just once a day) with all your favorite bloggers who have posted that day.  No more scattered bookmark lists, no more ‘what was that blog I found that one time and loved again?’ You can simply follow your fave blogs on bloglovin’ and it’s all there for your viewing/reading pleasure.  Instantly.

Here’s why it’s awesome for bloggers.

As a blogger, it can get a little lonely over here on this side.  On instagram, you know who’s following you.  On facebook, you know who your friends are and who ‘likes’ you.  On pinterest, you know who wants to keep up with your impeccable internet style.  But blogs.. following often gets overlooked.  Unless you comment on my posts, I have no idea if you’re here besides the stats I get emailed to me every month, but in that case you’re only a number.  Bloglovin’ helps us know who’s keepin’ up with us.

If you like a blog, you should follow it.  Following says,

I support you in what you’re doing here on this little space of the WWW.  I like what you have to say, and I like looking at the pictures you post.

It gives us bloggers a thumbs up and sometimes in this lonely world of little feedback, we need that.  I like to know you’ve been here.  I like to know what posts you like and why you like them.  I like to know what you want to hear more about.  If you want to get to know me, believe me, I want to get to know you too.

If you’d like to follow me or support me on this blog, here are a few ways to do it:

If you’re new here or come here often, comment and introduce yourself!  I try to always respond to any questions I get asked, so feel free to question away.
Check out my bloglovin’  HERE and follow me if you’d like.
Sometimes I post extra pictures or sneak peeks to facebook, so if you’re a fan of my photography, you can find me HERE.
If you love my little ladies and want to see more of our daily lives, Instagram is the place for you.  Find me HERE or @cassmiller
If you want to keep up with my latest style, Pinterest might be more your style.  Follow HERE.

Isobel from holdenonbaby and my amazing web designer added these fabulous frames to the left <<< with links to all my social networking so you can follow me anytime you like.

Reguardless of following me, you should check out bloglovin’.  They’re packed full of beautiful blogs and awesome reads.  You’ll thank me later. 😉

xo, C