Last June, a year ago right now, we had our family pictures taken by the wonderful (and now very famous), Yan.
I have loved Yan’s work for years and I snagged a family session with her just right before she moved from Utah to Colorado.  I’m so glad we did!  The trip turned out to be a little crazy, but one I’ll always remember.  We had an almost-one-year-old and a two year old that year.  Our hands were completely full and while there was never a second to sit back and enjoy it, we did.  Very much.

The weeks before this session, I had a nagging feeling to get our pictures done.  I wanted us to be captured with our lives exactly as they were right then.  In my emails to Yan, I remember writing, “I think I’m in the happiest time in my entire life, and I really want that documented.”  A year later, looking back at these, it all makes so much sense to me.  I really was in the happiest time of my life when these images were taken.

This was the very last weekend that I nursed my baby.  She had been gradually getting more and more independent and finally, she broke my heart when she was just too busy to sit back and nurse from her mama.  I didn’t get any shots of us nursing at this session. (I think Yan wanted to pull her hair out the second we walked through the door) but these images will always remind me of that time.  The time that started such a big transition in our life.