This morning I pulled up the window at Starbucks to pay for my 2 coffees and 2 chocolate milks and as I handed over my card to the kind server, he let me know that the car ahead of me had bought my coffees this morning and that I didn’t have to worry about it.  Shocked and confused, I tried to recall the car in front of me which I didn’t note exactly what type of car it was, but it obviously didn’t look too familiar to me.  I have no idea who this kind stranger was, or what made her decide to purchase my $11 worth of guilty pleasures, but she has been on my mind all day.  Maybe she knew me?  Maybe she won the lottery yesterday?  Maybe she was having a super bad morning and thought by doing something nice would pick up her day?  Maybe she was searching for good karma?  I don’t know for sure, but I’ve been praying for her and sending my best vibes to her all day.  I hope she has a really good day, and a really good life at that.  I can’t wait for my chance to pay it forward.
Moral of the day, even the smallest acts of kindness go such a long way.
God is good!