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And now for the girls, here are probably my most treasured images I’ve ever, ever taken.  These pretty much sum up exactly what my life looks like right now.

: : HARLO : :

Harlo is about the best 3 year old around. At least the best 3 year old I know.
She is spunky and creative and so helpful.
She is my right hand, for sure.
She is such a good big sister and such a good example to us all, really.
Some of her favorite things lately are:
chocolate milk, “cheeto” (playdough.. can’t seem to remember that word) painting, dancing, writing, barney, ipad, watching baking videos, taking care of her sister, babies, playing barbies, “swimming” in our kiddie pool in the backyard, turkey lunch meat, cheese, rice, oatmeal and peach yogurt still take priority, going to Grandma’s house to bake cupcakes, swinging at Nana’s and Papa’s, helping mommy cook, going to story time, riding the carousel (only the bench, not the horses), having long conversations with mama and shopping.
Needless to say, she is quite the little busy bot right now.
Her vocabulary and conversation skills continue to develop at a rapid rate.
Some of my favorite things she says right now are:
Harlo, what are you doing? “Just figuring out” (hanging out)
Calling Stella “Sweets” all the time. (when Stella trips, “oh, you okay, sweets?” or if she gets hurt “Darn it! I’m sorry, Sweets!” or if she asks for something “here ya go, sweets!”)
It’s the very best thing in the world.
If you ask her if she needs something and she doesn’t she says “I’m mine.” (I’m fine.)
She always tells me her whole itinerary, “Mom, let’s go home then put Stelly down for a nap, then get some chocolate milk ’cause I’m a nice girl, then watch a movie and I can play cheeto outside and eat blueberries”
She always opens the fridge then says, “Hmmm… Let’s just see….”
She hums all the day long.  People always comment on it.  She just hums and hums a little tune that’s in her head.   No matter what she’s doing. (she totally gets this from my mom!)
She’s a major negotiator.  I’ll say “You need to eat 5 more bites.” she’ll say “4 more bites?” “no, 5” “how about 5 bites, then a popsicle?” Touche!
She is such a great compliment giver, she will always tell me if I look cute and what exactly she likes about my outfit. “You look cute, mom! I love your earrings.  I like your shoes, too.  Did auntie give that to you?”
She is OFFICIALLY in her big girl bed!
She is so proud of herself, and we are so proud of her.
She has literally had no problems with it.
First night was rough, but we had tried to do the big girl bed/shared room all in one swoop which was a bad idea… we did however get Stella moved into Harlo’s room a few da
ys later with almost no issue at all.  Lots of praying and worrying on my part, but they are in and happy as can be about the change.
Every night she wakes up and says “mom! I slept in my big girl bed all night!” (every night for the last 4 weeks…)
She has been potty trained for along time now, but she can now just go in without mentioning it, climb up on the big potty by herself and take care of all her business, including washing hands.
It was a long 9-10 months, but it finally paid off!
I hear about 3 being harder than 2 often, and I have to say, I absolutely love, LOVE, LOVE this age.  I think it is the most wonderful age in the world.  She will have tantrums from time to time, they seem more severe than her 2 year old fits, but 9 times out of 10, all she needs is some mama time and she’ll snap right out of it.  I am a work at home mom and even though I’m here all the time, I am constantly trying to be HERE in the moment, with my children, as much as possible.   Sometimes I do great, and sometimes I get too dang busy.  But Harlo, if you are ever reading this one day, please know that my #1 goal every single day is to make sure I spend enough time with you.  It is a constant battle and some nights I cry  myself to sleep wishing I could create more hours in the day, but please know.. you are LOVED.  Adored is more like it.
When I ask her “how much does mama love you?” she’ll say, “a cupcake much!” and then we take turns naming off our favorite sweets in a comparison to how much we love eachother.  She totally made up this game all by herself. 🙂
Bottom line is that I feel like the luckiest mom alive every single morning I wake up to Harlo’s smiling face.
I love her more than I could ever describe.

: : STELLA : :
Stella is head to toe pure yumminess.
She has gotten quite the sass in her step and it makes her even more scrumptious!
She has done some MAJOR growing up the last few weeks.
She can talk and keep up with the rest of us.
She learned her ABC’s last month and that’s all she wants to sing ever since.
She’ll put on a show for anyone who will watch.
She has such a cute and dramatic way she pronounces every word.
Her ‘S’ sound sounds more like a cat hiss. “Shissy Shleepin’!” “Shissy’s Shad..”
She overly enunciates her words, showing every single tooth in her mouth and both top and bottom gums.
Her favorite things right now are “frensh friesh” (french fries) although she’ll still eat any thing you put in front of her “chocate meowk” (chocolate milk) birdies, babies, story time, carousel riding (again, bench.. not horses) going out to lunch or just eating in general, walking by herself everywhere we go. Climbing up in her seat by herself, brushing her teeth, taking tubbies, eating/putting on lotion, “braidys” (pigtails), dancing to music, “I annnna dansh!” she says. ELMO and Gab-Gabba.
Pretty much every word that comes out of her mouth is my favorite word she says.
When I say “promise?” she says “promish?” then comes and pinkie swears with me (wrapping her fist around my pinkie and kissing it)
All the time she says, “I luh you so mush!”
She has also taken a fondness to tattle-telling.  And you have to hear her tattle.. she’s so drama!
She’ll walk in and say (with the scowliest face you ever did see) “Har-ro No ME!” “Oh, Harlo said no to you?”, “Yeah!” “okay, tell her to talk nicely” “k.. (walks out) Shishy, be nishe!” or if Itty licks her it’s, “Itty get ME!” always the emphasizing the ME.
She is a bossy bossy and is constantly keeping people in check.
She calls a headband “ah-bond” and always wants one on. then off again, then on again…
As soon as we pull up to Swig she’ll ask for a “emonlade” (we get water with a splash of lemonade in it for her)
She has impeccable manners.
Never lets an opportunity to say ‘peeeease’ or ‘thank’ or ‘shorry’ or ‘blesh you!’ pass her by.
She is naughty, naughty, naughtiness all the time.
I always say it’s the worst kind because she’s so cute and is TOTALLY okay with whatever consequence comes her way.
She’ll yank her sister’s hair then I’ll say “do you need a timeout?” she’ll say, “yeah..” then march herself right to the corner and plop down.  She might fuss for a second then stands up when she’s ready to say sorry and comes right back over, “Shorry, Shishy!” and lays on a big smooch.
Harlo actually doesn’t mind her hair being pulled because she loves the ‘sorry’ and kiss part so much. ha.
She has the mean mug down and will give it to people all the time.
Sometimes she does it to be funny and other times to just be plain mean.
If she doesn’t like what I’m saying to her, she’ll say “blah!” with a mean face to me.
It’s a good thing she’s as cute as she is.
She has a thing with shoes.. in the winter all she would wear was Harlo’s cheetah print boots.  Right now it’s her pink converse  high-tops.  She has to wear them with every outfit.  I have to hide them at night if I don’t want her to wear them.
She is NOT my shy girl.
I can’t tell who her favorite is right now because she’s so fond of all 5 of them, but she loves loves loves her grandparents.
She is very affectionate and will never make me ask twice for a kissy.
She is still over-the-top in love with her Boo.
I often say that I wish anything loved me as much as Stella loves her Boo.
She is so clumsy!  Always running into something or tripping over her own feet.
I’m not sure if this is normal or not at this age, but I’ve been thinking lately maybe I should get her eyes checked.
She almost always has some sort of owie she’s getting over and I hate it!
My heart is not cut out for owies, which is probably why God sent me girls.. Although we do tease that Stella is our boy.
Even with her sassy 2’s creeping up on us, I am head-over-heels smitten with this baby.
She is the absolute light in my life and I am beyond blessed to be the one she calls Mama.